Machine Last Update: Jun 22, 2022
Name High Torque Planetary Gear Reducer
Status New
Type Other
Price unknown
Description Technical parameters:
Nominal torque: 1400 N.m~2987000 N.m
Transmission rate: Single-stage: 4~18
Double-stage: 20~125
Three-stage: 112~1250

The principle of a high torque planetary gear reducer is a power transmission mechanism that uses a gear speed converter to reduce the number of rotations of the motor to the desired number of rotations and obtain a larger torque.

Working conditions:
1).Max.speed of high-speed shaft shall not be more than 1500r/min.
2).Peripheral speed of gear shall not be more than 20m/s.

Assembly form:
Foot installment, flangeinstallment.
Can be equipped with high power to achieve high carrying capacity.

Company Last Update: Jun 22, 2022
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