Adds advertising

Our marketing team members will investigate your buying audience needs, its primary location and then target it via the right advertising strategy.

We shall create the appropriate marketing content by using the information that you provided on your products and then inject it in the right selling online platforms where people and companies in this industry meet.

If you already tried placing you adds yourself you might already know how time consuming and frustrating it is, especially when we are talking about large numbers of product and the websites on which you are trying to post your machines are not helping.

For that reason, and not only, we have very reliable, persistent, patient and intelligent marketers who will save your time and energy by advertising your products on the websites of your interest.

Each advertising strategy as well as the price for its implementation will be discussed and created individually.

If you want us to promote your machines efficiently on the industry’s most relevant advertising platforms please call us directly at +37379177707 or write to us at