Banner advertising

This service basically means that a visitor to Iron BOARD website will click on your banner ad which will redirect him to your website. This way your banner ad will bring you a visitor you would not have had otherwise.

Even if the visitor only peripherally picks up on the ad he is still made aware of your product or service.
We are regularly receiving our newsletters so your banner ad will gain constant exposure between the top companies in the industry.

Good advertising from Iron Board means that our professional designers not only bring their programming skills to your banner ad creation, but also their creativity and extensive marketing experience. They work to match a banner ad campaign with your product or service, and to make innovative, attention-getting graphic content.

We are also flexible with fees: You can get a professional banner ad for $50/week or you can spend upwards of $300, depending on where you wish to place your banner.
Whichever your choice, we will create an advertising arrangement that meets your needs and fits your budget.

If you wish to place a banned ad with Iron BOARD please call us directly for free advice at +37379177707 or write to us at