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"Yes, info losses happen," Gallerani said. "I was not there just to understand exactly what things disappeared. But we have the code. I mean, the game gets patched, right, even after all the years". Blizzard rounded up all that material before it began work on Diablo 2: Resurrected, but the first art assets actually weren't vital since they remade"every single asset in the game," Fergusson said. Resurrected lets you switch between the classic images, which are untouched, and a completely new 3D engine. The cutscenes have been completely remade also.

"Because we've got first men and women who worked on [the cinematics], we may have a lot of discussions around intention," Fergusson said. "We went with,'What could their aim be if they had the tools that we have today?'" The code, more than the initial art assets, was vital for Diablo 2: Resurrected, and that thankfully was not lost.

"If you dig into the code, there is Diablo 1 code in there. "That is what makes it have its character. The notion that the older code works the way that it does means you have the sport which you have. If we were trying to modify motors and reestablish it and we didn't have those intricacies of the old code, it wouldn't feel the same. We are actually very thankful that we've got what we have, because [gamers ] may have that authentic experience."

Even though Diablo II: Resurrected is not hoping to precisely duplicate the original's look, the newly-announced remaster is making an impressive effort to match a few parts. Watching a panel in BlizzCon now, I was thrilled to hear how they dug up ancient Blizzard resources to recreate and even reuse in the remaster. My favorite titbit: the new Tyrael reuses the angelic wings out of the actual 3D model used to make his 2D sprite from the original game.

Throughout the board, Blizzardeers explained they made an attempt to gather original concept art, 3D models, code, leaves, and these to comprehend the original intent supporting artwork and better inform the artwork teams' creative decisions as they remade parts. I am a sucker for great archive work.

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