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Name Together with DeAndre Hopkins going up to Madden 21
Responsible unknown
On Thursday morning, EA dropped the big news about the most recent player to move up to a 99 overall evaluation. An impressive"miracle" catch late in a win against the Buffalo Bills is what obtained DeAndre Hopkins entry into the Madden 99 Club. That grab helped Arizona edge out Buffalo, 32-30. That boosted the Cardinals' record to 6-3, together with the team set to play Thursday night in a big rematch with the Seattle Seahawks.

Together with DeAndre Hopkins going up to the 99 Club, other gamers are on the rise. EA shared a report detailing a few of the players that moved up in the ratings, including Tampa Bay Buccaneers running back Ronald Jones. Additionally, EA mentions that Indianapolis Colts running back Nyheim Hines rose three points to become a 78 OVR, and Washington WR Terry McLaurin climbed one point to an 87 OVR.

Interestingly, a few star players fell and that includes Michael Thomas, who started this year as a portion of their Madden 99 Club. EA's report claims that Thomas was hurt in Week 1 and didn't get on the area until Week 9. His production was disappointing because, so he has dropped two points to become a 97 OVR.

Also slumping is the Colts' wide receiver T.Y. Hilton who slid a point down to a 83 OVR. As EA cites, the star receiver has only 26 grabs for 291 yards and zero touchdowns in eight matches.

The new evaluations update arrives as a Madden 21 title update also arrived on Thursday, November 19. It is approximately 1.846 gigabytes on the PlayStation 4, bringing comprehensive fixes or additions to this current-gen game. Shortly, Madden fans will be awaiting next-gen gameplay since the game is set to launch for the new PlayStation 5 along with Xbox Series X/S consoles in early December. Visit our Madden news site to get more upgrades.

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New technologies and strategies to play FIFA Mobile
The impending deals to obtain Glu Mobile and Codemasters (LSE:CDM) will assist EA in this wide expansion plan across EA Sports. Glu Mobile will help grow EA Sports franchises on mobile, given the achievement Glu Sports has had with its Harness Sports Baseball franchise.

Wilson said on the recent earnings call that this is just the beginning. EA is relaunching its school soccer franchise, which is now under development. There's also an expansion in another sport, which Wilson would not name, starting next fiscal year.

What's the fiscal opportunity?EA estimates that the global marketplace for sports video games is around $11 billion with $7 billion on the console and PC, although the market for cellular is around $ 4.3 billion. For perspective, EA's complete bookings are predicted to reach $6.1 billion in fiscal 2021 (which ends in March), meaning the opportunity to gain more market share in sports is a significant development opportunity.

What's more, spending on sports is growing faster than other match forms with cellular sports growing at a compound annual rate of 24% over the previous four years. EA's aim to attain 500 million gamers and viewers should not be surprising. The market for interactive entertainment has been rising as day one. New technologies and strategies to play games like cloud-based subscription services and cellular platforms have only expanded the audience during the last ten years and will keep doing so. The recent acquisitions and new games from the pipeline supply this market leader with tons of catalysts over the next few decades.

Should you spend $1,000 in Electronic Arts Inc. right now?Before you consider Electronics Inc., you are going to want to hear this.Investing legends and Motley Fool Co-founders David and Tom Gardner only revealed that which they believe are the 10 best stocks to get investors to purchase right now... and Electronic Arts Inc. wasn't one of them.The online investing service they've run for almost two decades, Motley Fool Stock Advisor, has conquered the stock market by over 4X. * And at the moment, they believe there are 10 stocks that are better purchases.

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EA intends to bring Tap Baseball to FIFA Mobile
There are many synergies between these two game producers. Glu Mobile's staff, led by former Electronics veteran Nick Earl, has shown very adept at creating, analyzing, and launching titles across numerous genres, such as role-playing, sports, and lifestyle games.

EA's specialty is designing sports games under its EA Sports tag, however, Glu Mobile has also proven it can consistently grow a cellular sports business. The teams in EA Sports and Glu Sports can clearly share ideas to make even better at what they already do so well.

A deep freezer of new games.The development pipeline in Glu Mobile looks very promising. It has new names set to start shortly, including Harness Sports Fishing, Deer Hunter World, along with a upgraded version of Harness Sports Baseball for the 2021 season. EA intends to bring Tap Baseball to new countries with its own licensing expertise from EA Sports.There can be Table & Taste, a fresh lifestyle game, as well as a selection of hyper-casual games starting from Glu's Crowdstar studio.

What is more, Glu Mobile may bring fresh ideas to EA about how to decorate certain names. The company reported seeing favorable early results from this initiative on the very last earnings call.

Growing at a fair price.It's worth checking the price a business is paying when it declares that a significant acquisition. As Warren Buffett has said,"Price is what you pay, value is what you get." Around three popular test metrics, Glu Mobile looks just like a fantastic value in the video game industry.EA is spending $12.50 a share in money to Glu Mobile shareholders, which places the latter's price-to-free money flow multiple at 47.

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Diablo II: Resurrected is not hoping
"Yes, info losses happen," Gallerani said. "I was not there just to understand exactly what things disappeared. But we have the code. I mean, the game gets patched, right, even after all the years". Blizzard rounded up all that material before it began work on Diablo 2: Resurrected, but the first art assets actually weren't vital since they remade"every single asset in the game," Fergusson said. Resurrected lets you switch between the classic images, which are untouched, and a completely new 3D engine. The cutscenes have been completely remade also.

"Because we've got first men and women who worked on [the cinematics], we may have a lot of discussions around intention," Fergusson said. "We went with,'What could their aim be if they had the tools that we have today?'" The code, more than the initial art assets, was vital for Diablo 2: Resurrected, and that thankfully was not lost.

"If you dig into the code, there is Diablo 1 code in there. "That is what makes it have its character. The notion that the older code works the way that it does means you have the sport which you have. If we were trying to modify motors and reestablish it and we didn't have those intricacies of the old code, it wouldn't feel the same. We are actually very thankful that we've got what we have, because [gamers ] may have that authentic experience."

Even though Diablo II: Resurrected is not hoping to precisely duplicate the original's look, the newly-announced remaster is making an impressive effort to match a few parts. Watching a panel in BlizzCon now, I was thrilled to hear how they dug up ancient Blizzard resources to recreate and even reuse in the remaster. My favorite titbit: the new Tyrael reuses the angelic wings out of the actual 3D model used to make his 2D sprite from the original game.

Throughout the board, Blizzardeers explained they made an attempt to gather original concept art, 3D models, code, leaves, and these to comprehend the original intent supporting artwork and better inform the artwork teams' creative decisions as they remade parts. I am a sucker for great archive work.

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You have stored Runescape on multiple account
The current staff well it resembles a standard staff, when a person doesnt believe you'v done lost city at level 3 you've got to house tele and operate all of the way to zanaris simply to prove a point then be asked for some help with a lvl 94 afterwards ( trust me its happened before). So thats my thought, plain and simple. Only give us something to establish that which we worked for. Thank you for your time and please post your opinions on the topic.

Summary: You have stored Runescape on multiple account and you have completed plenty of tasks. Today it is time for the hardest quest of your Runescape life. In this quest you'll fight two from the three of those gods disciples (what disciples you fight Depends upon the god you choose to team with)

Ability to defeat 2 some-what hard lvl 270 God disciples. Quest Points Rewarded: 5 (yes it's that long and hard).After going through this challenging thing, you'll be teleported into Falador, together with"Jimmy's bike". It can't be dropped, but instead destroyed. It will break apart the afternoon that the event ends, so dont think about keeping it! And no, you cant ride it about. Walk around a little bit watching for the event icon on the minimap. You'll find new people at the icons. Talk to them and persuade them to give you the gifts. Lexus Motor-Jack's disc of bronze (Unobtainable)-White knights castle, first floor. Michael Jackston-Josh's panties -East lender, first floor (Duh)

After getting all these things, go and find the needle and thread and head back into Santa's place (Neds house) and give him all them. Thank you! Thank you! You saved Christmas! Now, for that reward! Ah yes, almost forgot! You'll find a certification from Santa that is able to be used at the fancy dress shop in Varrock. You will also receive the following event-You wave to the skies, along with a loud"Ho-Ho!" is heard. You accidently get hit on the head with a current box.

In Varrock, you'll locate a person named Vamelia from the fancy dress shop. She'll provide you a couple options. If you don't have any certificates, she isn't going to show you the shop. In case you've got a certificate, then she'll start the shop. And for the person that said this, the things arent tradeable (Duh, all vacation things arent)

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I am still tempted to RuneScape
I do value Slayer xp beyond 99. Therefore, camping waterfiends is not efficient since I don't gain any Slayer xp whilst collecting charms. To put it into perspective, I would profit over 100k reddish charms when I slay my solution to 200m xp in the slayer skill. If I were to acquire 200m summoning right now without progressing my slayer xp, then if I start going for 200m slay then, those potential allure drops become totally and completely useless.

Knowing this, I am still tempted to choose the ineffective route, and train summoning. When I camp waterfiends, I get better yields out of my bonus xp aura, meaning that I want to collect less complete charms. When I slay for all my charms, I save a huge amount of time required to collect charms, but I will probably need to use my charms without double XP busy.

There are currently 68 people with 200m summoning. I figure that I could just have a chance to rank within the top 100 players at summoning when I get 200m at the end of august. I can not determine what to do. Perhaps since it's 3am and I can't think straight, but idk. Any advice? So, I've gotten up into the Dagonnoth Mother manager from the pursuit'Blood Run Deep'. It something I ought to be able to perform, I have all of the gear for such a fight.

The issue here is that I will hit it with Balmung, taking off a good chunk of it is health and then it's colours trigger. From there on, I can't do some damage. It'll just switch blue and even when I attempt to use water spell (water wave) it'll just wind up missing all the time or doing no harm as well as the mother will end up constantly shifting from blue to red and back. I can't do any damage to either of these even using water and fire magic...

Eventually it'll stop attacking me personally and will just stand there, leaving me trapped, unless I logout... Any help? The quest fight has been buggy as crap since the launch of EOC. Before I did the quest in March someone told me at the Sals cc they could complete the quest without using Balmung at all.

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NBA 2K21 review
Players go and look and animate with incredible fluidity, and at long last, they move with a sense of weight and heft that does not feel synthetic. That means a 7-footer such as JaVale McGee lumbering about whether the likes of Chris Paul and Russell Westbrook fly up and down the court." NBA 2K" has long understood rate, but now the movement feels smoother and more realistic. Other on-court mechanics glow, as well. Timing your leap, blocking out, and locating position all sense good, and every rally feels gratifying.

Gone are cardboard cutout fans or half-rendered lovers, in favor of fan models that feel nearly as comprehensive as the players on the court. There is a din to every stadium and a sense that the building is equally as significant to the game itself. Add in fresh and varied commentary teams, and enjoying the match with broadcast feels much more satisfying than it ever has. That heart gameplay is backed with a serious depth of style and customization." NBA 2K" essentially bundles its MyGM, MyLeague, and MyLeague Online manners into a robust setup, MyNBA, that enables you to select and choose the slices of everything you like. Creating, downloading, and sharing draft classes has never been easier, and it's the exact same for gamers and rosters.

It all adds up to the top sports gambling strike of 2020. Need a sports match in your next-gen console? This is it. It's most brilliant, but wherever it is not, it's an absolute mess. It is not flu or food poisoning that's making NBA 2K21 sick however; it is VC.

The actual basketball in NBA 2K21 is sublime, together with the series continuing to make little tweaks and improvements with every setup. This year, a number of the bothersome out-of-bounds situations have been tightened up, but the largest change is that the shooting. While button shooting exists, stick shooting strives to provide closer hands, and after originally having a punishing difficulty curve, a quickly implemented hotfix makes it run much simpler.

Away from the court, it is a different story. VC (or Virtual Money ) flows through everything, blocking off some issues in the differently top course MyCareer manner, and forcing you to choose between either updating your MyCareer pro or improving your MyTeam roster. Of course, the game actually wants you to do , but to do so, you have to invest more actual money in-game. It is not just that microtransactions are found, it's the game pushes them hard that it hurts your enjoyment of MyCareer, puts obstacles before your entry to The Neighborhood, and sees most offline modes missing out.

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Headliners cards have the potential to FIFA Mobile
Here's what you will need to know.It's yet another exceptional right back to consider, but is James Tavernier values the 180k requesting price?Let's start with.the league and nation mix. The Scottish Premier League won't be the team of choice for many FUT managers, however Taverniers English nationality works perfectly for those BPL hybrids.

The card is spectacular. Every one of Tavernier's six foundation stats will be 80+ ranked - headed by 94-rated speed and 90-rated bodily - which is having the capability to develop even futher!H/M function rates are excellent for anybody who enjoys their fullback to bomb on down the perfect flank, whilst 3*/3* is great enough for a fullback.

Headliners cards have the potential to increase even futher in case the player selects further special cards throughout the entire season by continuing their fine real life form.With Rangers sitting pretty at the top of the Scottish Premier League and showing no signs of slowing down, and there's really a chance this card may hit on the high 80's by the time the year is out.There's no greater fullback for a BPL side.

There is a whole plethora of high-rated challenges out right now, here is the cheapest players to utilize. The Squad Building Challenges just keep coming! Together with ICON SBC's, Headliner struggles along with the group of the Year (TOTY) event on the way, it is imperative you understand who the cheapest, high rated players are! Thankfully, we have you covered.Cheapest 86+ Rated Players.It's all well and good stacking your team out using 84 and 85 rated players, but it is going to work out much cheaper if it's possible to slide a few 86/87-rated players in there.

Here are the cheapest available on the industry right now.EA are back this Friday with another set of objectives to unlock FUT 21. Ultimate Team is split into distinct seasons, along with the XP you earn in each individual season brings you rewards such as advance players, vanity items, along with packs.The Weekly Aims are generally released every week, but usually run for a couple of weeks, giving you 14 days to finish the objectives and earn that valuable XP.

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Shaun Alexander to Combine Madden 21 Ultimate Team Legends
While Christmas Day brought Madden 21 Ultimate Team lovers lots of cheer in the form of gifts and brand new player cards, there's still more on the way. On Saturday, December 26, enthusiasts can anticipate numerous new items such as the latest Madden 21 Ultimate Team Legends content. It will consist of former Madden ’07 cover star Shaun Alexander, providing gamers yet another fantastic halfback option.

On Christmas Day, MUT gamers could open up in-game gifts for various participant cards for example Ghosts of Madden. There were also challenges to rack up Snow and purchase more items. Later in the afternoon, EA's Madden Ultimate Team Twitter dropped a large reveal, using a new 97 OVR Shaun Alexander card.

Later in the day, the next Madden 21 Ultimate Team Legends participant came at a Twitter reveal. It's none other than former New York Giants defensive star Michael Strahan, who is now famous for his TV hosting. The new Strahan Legends card includes 97 Power Moves, 96 Tackling, 96 Block Shedding, 94 Power, and 89 Speed characteristics to give those MUT defenses a serious increase.

These players' new Madden 21 Ultimate Team Legends items fall in MUT on December 26, normally around 10 to 11 a.m. Eastern Time. Along with the above mentioned cards, there will be lower-rated things for both players and Power cards up. Gamers can assemble a set of player's five lower-rated things to get a Boss MUT Legends card. Additionally, their cards are available to buy in the Madden Auction House.

First off, players open up any of the various sizes of gifts they'd acquired through Challenges. A tweet from Madden Ultimate Team introduced a GIF that flashes through lots of the brand new participant items.Per MUTHEAD's report, the new content was for Zero Chill component four and featured Zero Chill player cards, Ghosts of Madden Past, and also one new Out of Position Player.

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NBA 2K21's ability to entertain gamers' playstyles is exceptional
I spent a few hours experimenting with various playstyles, like easing the pick-and-roll with Luka Doncic and Kristaps Porzingis. It's tremendously rewarding to use Doncic's dimensions and footwork to make space - something I could not replicate with other guards on the team, such as Seth Curry. While it's not completely new, NBA 2K21's ability to entertain gamers' playstyles is exceptional this year.

Nevertheless, there are a few frustrating gameplay problems I have come across, too. Fastbreaks seem slightly improved, but participant spacing continues to be noticeably off. For instance, even my best three-point shooters will monitor inside the three-point line on fast breaks when they would be better off locating space in the corner. Generally, it seems like NBA 2K21 hasn't completely adapted to the accent modern NBA basketball has set on the three-point line. Quick catch-and-shoots aren't as prevalent as they should be, and final out remains far too easy on protection.

Similarly frustrating is that the CPU's capacity to make problems for itself. In my brief time with NBA 2K21, I have seen two backcourt violations on wide-open inbounds passes. It functioned as a jarring reminder I was not, in actuality, experiencing a real game of NBA basketball.

From a cursory glance, MyLeague appears to have received nearly zero upgrades. The mode has a good set of features built into it , but that is actually the second year in a row without striking improvements. As somebody who enjoys to deep-dive into franchise building, it's really disappointing that there is so little effort being put into the mode.

Thankfully, MyTeam has ditched its horrible casino aesthetic from this past year. Make no mistake, even however -- even though it looks different, it still seems heavily determined by microtransactions and purchasing packs. Like I said in last year's inspection, it's apparent the MyTeam's central goal is to extract as much money as you're willing to give up so as to avoid having to grind out mundane challenges to advance, and it doesn't seem anything has changed in that section.

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EA Sports rolled out the brand new period of FIFA Mobile
You'll be able to earn a number of the highest players from soccer's most prestigious club competition. FIFA Mobile 21 event will be certain that you offer you some amazing and unforgettable moments to not only players but also the audiences. In case you do not have much information about this FIFA Mobile 21 Champions League Group Stage Event then you are really in the ideal place looking for it.

The first event of the new season, the UEFA Champions League Group Stage is going to be live for 14 days, 3 advertisements daily offering 3 Group Energy each advertisement. 5 Weekly Coin Packs that give 12 Group Energy for 5,000 coins. It is possible to daily maintain 50 players' tokens. The first event will be from 4th November to 18th November.

The event is indeed interesting that you can not forget it during your life.Here you're able to play with the brand new Star Skill Games. These daily Skill Games will provide 1, 2, or even 3 Stars based on how well you play in them. This then will unlock certain milestones. For example, if you play with the Easy Skill Game 3 times and make 2 Stars every moment, it will only count as two Stars earned, not 6 Stars.

You can use your Base Stamina to play games against teams playing this season's UEFA Champions League. You will acquire various rewards by winning those games and if you complete all the games of the week you'll earn an extra 50 Group Points. Following a week, new matches will become accessible.

You can use your Team Points along the Bonus Course for UCL Players.You can use your Player Tokens in 2 Player Boxes to earn extra UCL Players, Coins, Training XP, and Skill Boosts. When you've used an individual Player Box 8 times, you'll find a guaranteed UCL Player. EA Sports rolled out the brand new period of FIFA Mobile on 2nd November worldwide. Although there was a little confusion regarding the update in the very first, it's been made available to all users. You simply must go your App Store or Play Store and upgrade your FIFA Mobile program.

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Brand New 2K21 Beach
The area was renamed to 2K Beach in which lots of new attributes can be spotted. For starters, events such as Basketball Godz and Gold Rush are all back in the game. This will aid the players to make more XP to update their rep.Remember the 2K Zone from NBA 2K18? It's back in the match labeled as Jeff's 2K Arcade. From the arcade, players may enjoy several mini-games and unwind.

To top it all, the ProAm stadium has a 3v3 court on the rooftop. The NBA 2K21 didn't neglect to pay attention to the late Kobe Bryant. Kobe's murals can be spotted on the walls of several buildings.Based on first impressions alone, the trailer seems nothing short of amazing. It finally feels like fans will have an in-depth Mycareer mode after years.

The launch date of this NBA 2K21 game presentation has been confirmed this week for most current generation consoles, providing players their first adventure of this newest NBA 2K21 game, though it will include drawbacks.On the 1 hand, it will only offer you a part of the game options that'll be available in the final edition, another is the fact that it will just have the present version of the game, therefore there is the possibility that a second demo of NBA 2K21 is going to be released for PS5 and Xbox Series X later on.

For the time being, we only know when the NBA 2K21 demo is going to be released on PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Shift, the launch date to the NBA 2K21 demonstration has been set for Monday, August 24, 2020. The official launch time for NBA 2K21 has not yet been announced, but we have a rough idea of?? When things may begin to occur, according to internet reports, the launching time for NBA 2K21 was set for 5am BST, or midnight ET, for the United States.The demo is also very likely to be released on the PlayStation Store, Nintendo eShop, and Xbox Store in the exact same time, therefore we need to check the different digital stores to be sure.

From what has been shared up to now, players aren't going to have to pre-order the full game to access this new demo, even a message from 2K explains: that all players will have the chance to check out the way the sport works when the demonstration starts of NBA 2K21 on August 24 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

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There is nearly always enough to EVE echoes
How are you calculating the buy/sell prices?Just a glance in Caracal, stabber, and vexor (fyi Omen isn't in your list) just the vexor appears to be right when I compare it in game. And its only correct as in the top listing for every matches your estimations.I am also wondering how it's calculated. For instance tritanium shows up as buy price 4, for the majority of the time. However there is nearly always enough to get a buy price. I am only taking a look at the maximum buy/min sell prices that I can find, but yeah, comparing it from the game some of the prices for boats is definitely low.

More accurate would be to make a weighted average of buy/sell orders from the scraped data.Hmm.. The problem with a weighted average is that if the costs start to drift, large orders with the old costs might prevent the amounts from being right, right? Maybe that's not a huge issue. It is difficult to come up with a good alternative. I also don't have access to all the orders, so I am working with imperfect information.

Excellent point about older orders. Also seeded orders (such as 9,999,999 condors for 5k in some channels ). Oh yeah, I've a TODO to filter out the seeded orders out of the orders to produce the outcomes better.It's so cool, thanks. However, it's also so sad that this sport doesn't have any API and people must resort to mad methods to waste data which would require so much less work for the game devs to expose through an API...

I absolutely concur. It stinks that a whole lot of effort needs to be put into getting the data. If they create an API, I'd happily quit getting the data out myself, however I have not seen any plans for them to do so.And I guess you use a mixture of click automation and OCR to scrap this data (or you reverse engineered their system protocol and won EVE Echoes:p). Which, paradoxically, could probably be considered against the ToS.In any case, I believe what you did is impressive, super easy, and should have been included in the game itself as a base attribute.

Their protocol is simple, circumventing the encryption on the other hand is impossible without messing with the game itself.Yeah for sure, an individual would need to hookup into the game. Nothing is hopeless though.And if for any reason, the sole encryption implemented would be an SSL encrypted channel, it is rather simple to make a MitM on SSL (did that already to reverse engineer the API of years ago.

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I've already plumbed your API through my Eve Echoes
I'm working on try to get the buy price to match up with people's expectations better, but you are correct, arbitrary outlier prices are definitely throwing off things. I will be doing some tests in the next few days with a few more seasoned traders to attempt get the numbers to be accurate. Frankly, I am not really experienced at Eve trading, so I just discovered a way to put the data together, so I'm happy others in the community are helping me to produce better heuristics so the website will be useful.

In terms of filters, I'll add that to my todo list and look into that after I've a better understanding of the data. Thanks for the idea!I don't understand how much historical data which you have, but I have a couple weeks worth of collected Planetary Resource price data. My sampling is only every 24 hours, so it's not likely to be all that useful.I'm happy to help monitor prices and diagnose issues and develop better heuristics. I've already plumbed your API through my Eve Echoes spreadsheets so I'm completely committed to helping get the best information possible into your site.

Hey there! I currently only have a week of data, but I'm reluctant to attempt to pull in external information due to the format that I am keeping it in. Thanks for the offer though.I think you need to weight it by quantity (no pun intended). On outlier (physically) that has sufficient quantity _could_ affect the pricing for the whole match as it might be well worth it for large haulers to go get or move sell to. But it would still be pretty short lived, and that means you also have to decay values rather quickly.

A good illustration of this is how prices immediately changed when the update came back up since we had T7 and did not expect to for another day. Unexpectedly, a slew of mats are being gobbled up to earn T7 items. The marketplace will stabilize, but pricing from prior to the upgrade is no longer valid. Open buy and sell orders are all probably a bit trapped, too.Hey there. I only updated the algorithm for calculating the price info, I think it should be in line with what people are anticipating. Allow me to know if you see any difficulties with the amounts, I will continue to monitor and improve the calculation as time goes on based on opinions.

Yeah, the prices do seem better today. There seem to be some ships missing, the Omen for example.Yep, I'm going to figure that out soon. Thank you for checking.Awesome!! I've been working on it and I will be adding an updated price estimate to the API soon, I will allow you to know if this happens.That sounds great. Hey, btw, one thing I discovered is the Succubus is missing from the pricing. The routine is there, but maybe not the ship.And yeah, I understand that the Succubus is missing. Thank you for letting me know. It'll be in there shortly.

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It is difficult to be optimistic about NBA 2K21
From what's been shared so far, players are not going to need to pre-order the complete game to get this new demo, even a message from 2K explains: that players will have the chance to check out how the sport works when the demonstration launches of NBA 2K21 on August 24 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. Nonetheless, you are going to want to release once in'the yellow'. If you time it exactly right, and the situation around you're great, you'll flash green: ensured points. Somewhat off and it's going to be what the Houston Rockets group does mostly, projecting a brick. Tack!

Booker, who travelled head-to-head against Ayton and came out successful in winning the NBA 2K participant championship during the pandemic showed a decrease in total evaluation from 88 in 2k19 to 87 this season. He could eventually boost the overall standing when another season begins, but now sits alongside other 87's that contain - Ben Simmons, Kyle Lowry, Rudy Gobert, and Kristaps Porzingis. It is fair company, but to get a player that was once an 88 overall one year and recently becoming an first time All-Star last year, with increased all around game on the court, has to of have got the 89 once and for all.

Ayton showing in an 84 overall this season was an 85 overall just last year at the NBA 2k20 release. That is doing the guy dirty. With every stat across the board increased along with a noticeable jump in defensive play this last year, they may still be punishing him for his 25 game suspension. He sits with a 84 overall set that shows promise in- D'Angelo Russell, Jaylen Brown, Jusuf Nurkic, and Shai Gilgeous-Alexander.

Oubre remains level at 81 overall and you can make the argument that's reasonable but Rubio, 3rd in the NBA in Assists, took a dive from an 80 entire in 2K20 to 79 this year. We really must be overlooking something here.The biggest jump from last year to this year is Payne, who jumped up from a 72 entire into a 74. In addition to Carter, who jumped up a point from 72 entire to 73 was well earned and it showed on the court.

The rest of the Suns roster for example most years in the past settled in the 70's range, such as Booker pointed out from the 2K players championship, not a fantastic group to play if cash is about the line.It is difficult to be optimistic about NBA 2K lately as soon as the game is still short on explanations to why they do not hear the fans on enhancements and put out the exact same game year after year.

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PSO2 has been ported into the NGS
A large portion of that preference for me is so you could definitely spend your time and resources into updating and unlocking new abilities and skills and then after you're all done you can go back and mix-and-match things to your liking without realizing you'd have to fall in money just like you now do if you wanted to construct something like an optimal primary course tree along with a variant for an optimal subclass tree, or even invest in a different Mag since you're missing about 6-7percent of your overall harm (and are overlooking 200 points to equip your weapons/units).

Regardless of the intense grind that the game becomes towards the conclusion (for instance, running the same dungeon like about 40-80 occasions to gain one level, amassing Blood Orbs and High Orbs to unlock the little stat boosts that add over over time, and more), I have believed that Dragon's Dogma Online is definitely a good instance of an online game I believe has definitely nailed the"open field" exploration with solid gameplay, optional combined multiplayer, and provides both an obstacle and relatively casual experience for those who want it without setting up nasty traps for gamers to get trapped into mess up their builds. 

Seems like a perfect opportunity for sell them to you as Scratch things and call them the"GVS" models or something. I am hopeful they do update them but it's more rewarding for them to sell you the remade from scratch outfits than providing them for free. Yeah, I fully expect them to go this route. 

I have worked in the market previously and rigging up fingers isn't hard work, the issue is how many costume items would have to be modified without a financial justification. Plus giving people fully working items with all the advantages (on what's basically a brand new game) would deincentivise players buying the"new" stuff. Yeah. They release across the years the same outfits (sky/night/blue/gv/b/etc.) But with recolors and market them as new rather than giving us the ability to recolor them openly. And then the ones that you can recolor costs exchanging scratch items for a shade overhaul.

Personal speculation: PSO2 has been ported into the NGS motor to keep players occupied between NGS content releases. No new content will be published to it outside of cosmetics, of which will all be obtained/ported from NGS events/scratches to have folks to perform that. It is going to be removed after a couple of years after all of the players have migrated over and the only individuals in the PSO2 cubes are diehards holdouts/nostalgia. Probably. It's a brand new game so odds are like any Online RPG the initial release will not have much in regards to an endgame for the players that hit max level on day 1. It'll be wonderful to just switch cubes anytime I want struck up an older UQ though. There's never a reason not to see magatsu.

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Whales will dump tons of money into MUT
Most only purchase that sngle game Madden or 2k, time investment to perform everything like badge grinding may take all your time but I think that it's easier today to get to 99 and they want you to earn multiple builds today. I play with the thing mainly every year I just dont get it in release due to the sideshow it's and it drops cost fast. Or perhaps the population that's complaining on the Internet doesn't have anything to do with the population that is usually buying games like Madden, NBA 2K along with other games like this. Regardless of the whining people do here, these matches are almost always very great. They always have like 7different game modes and approaches to play. You can stay away from all micro transactions incredibly easily.

There is not anything wrong with spending $60 on a game every year if you are spending 300+ hours enjoying it. Many gamers don't realize the amount of console sales that take place is quite high just for the particular purpose to play one or two annualized franchises. For the person who buys two games a year such as Madden and NBA2K every year, $60x2 for your hours and hours of time put into these games, the value is super high. The population of men and women who fall into that category aren't on r/Games complaining about microtransactions and shit like this. They probably don't even have a reddit account. It's not a knock on them, it is just the way things happen.

I watched an interview for one of the earlier call of responsibility annualized games (such as contemporary warfare 3 or more so), and the developers essentially said that normal gamers (the individuals who play halo,killzone, battlefield, other shooters) don't purchase call of duty games. Nearly all folks who play call of duty will only buy Cod and a sports match. And they'll do this religiously every year. I've heard this subset known as Brogamers--kind of the antithesis to those that only play The Sims/Animal Crossing but in the end it's a similar spending pattern. Entirely agree with you and this interview from back in the afternoon (man time is flying ). Bro have you played a Madden game lately? They are fucking terrible! It is objectively a terribly created game.

The madden criticism which surfaced has nothing to do along with your remark. Its a growing group of individuals who want to play a fantastic football match, but Ea keeps promoting them exactly the same game without upgrading the engine. This group wants the nfl to either give out several cases of likeness rights or sell them exclusively to a different company that would hopefully create a better game. Not surprising. That is why EA doesn't need to bother ever improving anything in most of their modes or repairing any bugs which have been there for years. People will buy it no matter whales will dump tons of money into MUT. 2k has similar problems and the microtransaction stuff is gross but at least which has great gameplay and high tier presentation and they still put in a little more effort. Sports game just have a completely different demographics to matches such as Witcher 3 and CIV.

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I'm having a great deal of NBA 2K21
That is a very good build. Definitely got everything you're going for. Its a crazy fun build also. I picked for 10 playmaking badges now around so I could put a lil more stats in shield because I made my guy briefer, but I made one just like yours in 20 plus it could do everything and catch bodies together with the finest of em.That's what I've been using and I was miserable when I saw that yellow/red no longer gets contact dunks. I'm rocking a two way finisher red/blue.

I'm having a great deal of fun on this build also so far really happy I left it haven't brought it to the park yet but once I am badged up etc it will be insane.My badge spread is 1/21/21/10 had to make sure that I had a decent amount of def badges for my own insufficient height.I created blake griffin build from when he had been jumping over cars and whatnot.

But I am hyped that I have that many and don't have to use some on QuickDraw haha. I'd love to go HoF range extender, deadeye, hard shots, catch & shoot. Then like gold HzH, green system. And silver volume shot. That is off the top of my mind tho, could be missing a badge I would like to have.Just keep grinding and the work will pay off. It is in fact. I have seen others use different variations with this build. But not exactly how I made it. So I keep the exact tweaks to myself. I feel like vertical has slept on. So when I get my health rat badge. His vertical will be a 99. Looking forward to it.

Thank you for the reassurance, I was literally racking my brain on choosing which construct to select. This past year I used offensive threat and that I was planning to select scoring machine this time, but I wanted something different. I get hof shooting and finishing badges, 84 driving by dunk, 83 mid range and 79 three pointer. I am trash right now with no badges and it's very difficult to create any shots. I thought that I would regret making this build and spending my VC to place him 85 and he is still sexy garbage.

Mid range finisher. There's an open multiplayer lobby for largely pickup street gamesI think the larger conspiracy here is what the hell made you purchase that game.You're correct, I watch my knees will not allow me to drama from now on. I wouldn't say it's as finely tuned as Hollywood yet but its certainly getting there- that the quantity of psychological impact is definitely palpable in these pay to win type games.The construct is nice and stuff. But calling assembles"demonic" or"demigod" is the cringiest shit.

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I have posted a new link to EVE echoes
Looks great and useful, but it doesn't appear to work. Shifting what to build from the dropdown does not alter the number of resources needed.I also seemed a little into the cells showing ores needed. People where hardcoded so that I guess someone edited them?The sheet should be read only so just OP can edit without making a copy.I fixed it in my personal backup,put this formula in cell G14 and haul it on the remaining part of the receptor cells into the right to find the right quantities.

I fixed it in my own personal copy,put this formula in cell G14 and haul it over the remaining part of the mineral cells into the right to find the correct amounts.I just madea duplicate of this sheet and please be aware that at the public copy someone added a room after teh word Tritanium which makes it doesn't match...gotta eliminate that distance if this formula was not functioning for you.I have posted a new link to the spreadsheet which should hopefully work for everyone again.

Amounts not changing for me, the sheet looks broken at the moment. "Amount required for ship" values are incorrect for me, I'm testing Caracal Navy Issue and it is reporting 62k however ingame I visit 6658, an order of size error.People could make changes and break the first sheet I submitted. If you click the updated link above you will find a personal copy of the newest edition of the sheet. Give it a minute for broadcasts to load but then things should compute appropriately. Do not forget to update the efficacy values based on your skills!

This is the very best indy spreadsheet I discovered! Made a copy for me too.Putting TNS on the map. Good job Lucrin. You are the man!It doesn't look like it's working at this time, maybe someone changed the values of a few of the cells, but great work overall!

I've updated the link to the sheet so it should work now. Sorry about that!Hi, sorry to bug you here for tech support, however, it seems like my copy is only updating market costs and not the material demands for everything. Any advice?Try accessing the latest version in the upgraded link above. It may take a couple of minutes to your scripts to load and everything to work properly.Made a copy, thank you for sharing!

Personally I have not bothered hooking anything up into the"marketplace api" as that thing is unreliable at best and wrong at worst. Not even close when I am looking in it. I'll wait for a formal apiBut otherwise, great work! Quite like what I did for my alliance.Ya I'm actually taking some averages out of this data to try to make the best estimates possible. Regrettably this is the finest we've got for the moment but I am optimistic at some point there'll be a formal api from the devs.

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PSO2 will still exist and you won't really eliminate anything
This... doesn't excite me as much anymore. I truly don't understand what I'm actually discussing to New Genesis. My character version? Why do the weapons issue if I need to start at lvl 1 again since progression doesn't carry over? I won't be able to use them. And most importantly, what about makeup? I've spent a fantastic amount on cosmetics, and also the fact I will switch between 10-20 costumes on the fly to suit my mood is one of my favorite areas of the game. If those cosmetics do not carry over... I am pretty much going to feel just like the first season of NA is only a scam. We don't understand that yet, which is why I need clarity. I honestly will not care about starting as a lvl 1 minute again if I keep all my makeup.

The video does state that registered makeup are being carried over. Base wear and inner wear are enrolled makeup, but outerwear and outfits are not enrolled to a character. Yep. That's my comprehension of it also (even though it's a bit of speculation as they just specifically mention emotes), and where the difficulty comes from. It'd be fantastic if we could get clarification about this... Sorry if that question been ask, but what exactly do animals count as? Can they count the same as a mag? Can they take over? Sorry if that question been inquire, but what exactly do pets count as? Do they count the same as a mag? Will they take over?

Equipment for a class that doesn't exist in NG will probably be unusable until that class is ported over. That's probably for the best, so that way everyone is on equal footing and also you do not have 8 year old vets dictating the economy for this game in the onset. If we must start all over from lv1 again, let's at least expect that NGS is going to have different enough character progression system that it won't feel like a moot reset. 

For the time being, it looks like we have to grab as many valuable weapons and components as we can before it launches. At least they are giving us plenty of resources to do this with the EXP tickets and regular badge drops. Everyone claiming they got scammed isn't realizing that PSO2 will still exist and you won't really eliminate anything.

It needs to be"different-enough" to feel like your progress in PSO2 has been for a totally different game. Both in construction and in method. Something like"crap NGS Advance Quests while angling for RNG PSE bursts for 20 levels on each course" would be an issue. Something such as the difference between PSO1 and PSU (200 character levels with fixed classes vs 150 character levels and varying classes with 20 levels) or between GW1 and GW2 (20? Class levels with changeable classes vs 80 character levels without a changeable classes) would help.This way the game has the main core aspects players anticipate but is new and fresh at the same moment.

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The issue with adding coaches in Madden
The issue with adding coaches in the game would be, (a) how does this affect the team by hiring them (2) does this actually split the game play even more? Also from the appearances of the list of items being added they do not have any idea on what direction to go in. Exactly why is everything a gimmick with them? Why don't you work on the authentic SIMULATION part of this game and then add in the extra stuff? We've been getting the exact same recycled crap in our ONLY soccer match and its time for them to do it right or stop trying. Are these all things that very obviously should have been in the sport? Absolutely! But it is a positive that they're at least adding these items in some capacity. The simple fact that they actually are listening in some manner is a large plus moving ahead. I haven't purchased the game but when the three planned franchise updates really seem decent enough, I'd think about purchasing it at a discounted cost this year.

Sure it is a positive step and I'm glad that they are finally addressing enhancing the franchise mode. However, the simple fact that it is going to take more than 2 fucking months for us to get 4 minor updates is absurd. This leads me to believe the coding and/or preparation of franchise mode is so fucking broken that it will take 2 months to implement minor quality of life updates. Do not get me wrong, I am glad that they're finally addressing franchise mode, but the time that it'll take for us to get them is fucking ridiculous. And if it takes 2 fucking weeks for a part 1 of 3 to arrive, then how fucking long until we get part two? And then how much fucking more time to find part 3?

Part 1 will fall when some teams are already eliminate from qualifying for its fucking playoffs. At that speed, we will most likely be fucking lucky if we get a part 2 ahead of the Super Bowl. Then who the fuck knows when we'll get a part 3. If EA really gave a shit then they would prioritize these fucking updates and get them out in a timely and reasonable fucking manner. However, they don't fucking care at all. That is too fucking little, too fucking late.

(Here's where, necessarily, a person wonders why we can not have sports video games done MMO-style, where there's a base game and then maybe a subscription price, with iterative development functioned through expansions and routine updates. And here is where, again, I say that when an MMO version made as much money -- for the leagues and the players that license the rights to make these games -- as an annual packaged-goods approach does, they would have attempted it sometime in the past decade.)

In this console generation, the largest breakthrough to career style quality of life was in condensing extended seasons into their most action-packed matches, and even individual moments. Fans are fine with these kinds of items being an on-ramp to the profession mode (such as in NBA 2K) or a backdrop nutritional supplement to it (like in MLB The Show).

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Prove me a combo and I will believe NBA 2K21
There's no sizeups, and the dribbling feels anything but smooth, it feels as though it has RNG. I don't know how it progressively gets worse and worse year after year. We're miles behind 16, 17, and even 19. The dribbling just feels like it has a minimal skill gap, and all the greater skilled moves (18 half spin, walkback combos, etc) all seem clunky and uncomfortable. Like in 19 or 17 that the maximum skill moves flowed, and it felt like you had complete control over your player.

You can not have a considerable skill difference with sizeups that a flick of the stick the match is going to do for you. Its fun as it's simple to use and simple to chain. Realistic dribbling is how it must go for a legitimate skill limit to come. Just like in real life the sport has to have the ability to separate the Kyrie's in the Pat Bevs in relation to hitting that it has to do besides just locking out animations for low ball control and simply making high ball control just have faster dribbling.

A match with sizeups that automatically set the speed of a move will be a whole lot easier to use as opposed to a sport in which you're needed to make your own pace and use that for your benefit. The game should separate the Kyries from the Klay Thompsons in relation to dribbling and 2k20 is a step in the right direction in regards to making players place their own pace with their moves.

As I said, demonstration has been out for a day using brand new controls and default packages. I bet it's going to be better. It is not possible for combos to be greater than 16 or 17 (the two best 2k games) when 1 I'm talking about it being easier than 20, and two there's been no time to locate shit yet.I'm not used to the shot meter nonetheless and I'm not sure how workable it's going to actually function but it adds an interesting wrinkle. After skipping 2k20 because I was burnt out on the show, I'm interested again.

It's tough for Dame, since when the next - gen version comes out, people are either going to purchase the latest version or the Mamba forever present gen variant and a couple of months later, nobody is going to regular version of the current gen which shows they don't care about him.Tough cover legend for Dame to live up to however as a Blazers fan and coming from a man who enjoys Kobe, I can guarantee you that I will be buying the normal version as it's cheaper. Saying that nobody is going to buy the regular because they"don't care" about Dame is absurd. Think dollars my friend.

The cover celebrity Damian Lillard had a few changes in mind, which he implied. 2K took his word for this increased the height for PG's in'My Career.' The developers have maxed the height 6'8, which will interest many.2K also highlighted how they've made the game easy to pick up for beginners and pleasing for all. The Pro stick has been around because 2017 but this season, it will see some huge changes. New control selections for your Guru Stick will pave the way for a smoother experience.

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A new skill on RuneScape is being published
It's been known for decades - a new ability on RuneScape has been published this year. Millions of gamers have theorized, tens of thousands of threads have been made, and here I stand, writing a post about the new ability. Outdated? Prepared for a new set of pink slippers? At the most recent Q&A thread, Jagex answered a lot of questions about the new ability. Although Jagex is notorious because of their vague and non-revealing replies, we were able to subtract some criteria from their answers. With these criteria, we may be able to determine what type of skill it is going to be. Since no one really seems to know what the new ability is all about yet, this might prove useful.

I have made a choice of details that appear most significant. The new ability was likely to be a game on its own, but has been changed to a skill later. It is very unique, unlike any other ability in RuneScape. It can't be contrasted with another skill, such as Summoning could be compared to Herblore. It will will introduce a whole new kind of gameplay in to Runescape. It'll be combined with all current skills. It will be used for both battle and non-combat.

Training it won't be money-driven. I have browsed the talks and noticed loads of suggestions, but none really fit to the specifics provided by Jagex. For example, skills mentioned like Sailing, Necromancy, Bartering and so on don't really seem that unique in contrast with the existing skills. So what makes a skill unique? For that we need to look at the present abilities and determine what they have in common to assess what might separate the new skill from the others.

At first, every ability sounds different. Woodcutting is for collecting wood, firemaking is for putting the wood to usecooking is for preparing food, et cetera. What the ability is all about is different for every skill. That is quite logical. However, when you have a look at the training aspect, you will see that they have one thing in common. When you want to train an ability, the best way to train it is through repetition. You don't kill one monster to level up assault, rather you kill hundreds and perhaps thousands to level up. Obviously, you could kill 1 monster of each kind, but that wouldn't be effective, would it? The same is true for the rest of the skills. It is no longer the wits and real life skills that matter when you are training in RuneScape. Everything depends on how long you can perform a particular job for. This is exactly what all present skills have in common and what the new skill might avoid. Together with my friends I discussed the fact that Jagex was getting too excited about strategy games. A lot of new FunOrb games are about approach. Some are successful, some are far less successful, but it is a habit that Jagex has developed over recent years.

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