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Description As most of us understand, the yard pellet equipment is called for the smooth surface of the feed created, the high hardness of the pellets, and the internal treating, which can boost the nutrient absorption of pets. According to different basic materials, pellets that can be eaten by livestock are directly generated with the pressing of the lawn pellet machine.

Nonetheless, throughout a current return see to an old customer, our personnel found some problems triggered by improper use of the yard pellet machine. The complying with are a couple of troubles and also services that Richi Equipment has actually compiled for you.

( 1) Are the produced pellets bent and cracked?

Factor: This circumstance is typically brought on by the pellets leaving the yard pellet machine. When the placement of the cutter is readjusted farther from the surface area and the blade edge is dull, the pellets are broken or torn by the cutter instead of being squeezed out from the die hole. Cut off, at this time some pellets are curved to one side and also numerous fractures appear on the other side. Throughout the process of getting in the colder for cooling or transportation, the pellets have a tendency to damage from these splits, leading to excessive pellet powder created.

Enhancement approach:
a. Raise the compression ratio of the mold, thus raising the density and also solidity of the pellets.
b. Grind the raw products finer to boost the thickness of pellets and stop the feed from hanging.
c. Adjust the range between the cutter and the die surface area or change the cutter with a sharper one.

( 2) Is the surface of the pellets uneven?
This situation is that the powder utilized for granulation includes basic materials with big pellets that have actually not been crushed or semi-crushed. Because of not enough softening during the lawn pellet device conditioning procedure, the pellets are relatively tough and fairly huge. After going through the mold of the yard pellet machine, when the pores are not well combined with other resources, the pellets show up uneven.

Enhancement method: properly regulate the density of powdered feed, so that all resources can be completely softened during conditioning; for raw materials containing more fiber, vapor bubbles are easily mixed, so do not add excessive to this formula. great deals of heavy steam.

( 3) Is the color of private pellets or pellets inconsistent?

This scenario is common in the production of aquafeed, mainly materialized because the shade of specific pellets extruded from the grass pellet maker is darker or lighter than that of various other regular pellets, or the surface color of a single pellet is inconsistent, thus influencing the appearance high quality of the whole batch of feed.

Improvement method: mainly to manage the blending harmony of each component in the formula and the blending uniformity of the added water; enhance the tempering performance, manage the toughening up temperature if required, and make use of a reduced tempering temperature to reduce the shade modification; Control the return material. For solutions that are prone to " unequal shade", attempt not to utilize the return product to straight granulate. The return material must be blended with the raw materials and afterwards wrecked again. The mold with assured high quality is used to manage the size of the die hole. End up, sand the die opening if required prior to usage.

2. Functioning principle of RICHI turf pellet device

Ring die lawn pellet machine is among the main equipment of RICHI grass pellet feed assembly line, the feed from powder state to pellet development ought to be completed with 4 areas:
( 1) The product is carried to the modulator via the speed-regulating feeding auger. In order to obtain good granulation benefits ( boost output and high quality), after adding warm heavy steam for conditioning, the material is brought near to the ring die cover and the inner wall of the die (feeding location) by gravity and centrifugal force produced by the rotation of the ring die.
( 2) Under the activity of the reducing blade, the wedge-shaped space (compression area) created by each pushing roller and the ring die is fed uniformly and also continually.
( 3) Since the void between the working surface of the external wall of the pressure roller as well as the working surface of the internal size of the ring die is just 0.1-0 .3 mm, and the space is primarily straight, a particular extrusion pressure (extrusion area) is created.
( 4) As a result of the feeding, under the strong extrusion in between the die and also the roller, the product is compressed, pressed right into the die hole, as well as developed in the die opening ( creating zone).
The material constantly goes into the pressing area, is extruded and constantly extruded from the die hole, and is cut into various wanted pellet lengths from the range between the flexible blade edge as well as the external wall of the ring die.

3. What is the reason for the different sizes of feed pellets?

Feed equipment and also tools is a type of machinery for handling feed. It is widely invited by people for its special advantages. Nevertheless, in use, different sizes are prone to occur. At this time, we need to solve it sensibly. Before fixing, we require to comprehend the distinction. The reason for the dimension is to bring convenience to our use, so what are the reasons for the various sizes of the feed pellet maker?

( 1) Feeder blade. Equipment: The development of feed pellets generally depends on the rolling of the pellet equipment gear and also the cutting of the relocating blade. When the equipments or blades may reduce the feed pellets with uneven thickness and also size.

( 2) Electric motor: The electric motor outfitted with the feed pellet device is a motor suitable for its rated power. Once it is damaged throughout procedure or the operating power is unsteady, it can not be pelletized or pelletized unevenly.

( 3) Procedure: Because of the irregular procedure of the driver, the pellet feed processing machinery will certainly additionally generate unequal pellets. For example, pellet powder contains a great deal of water, so that feed pellets do not form, and also chilly splits may be formed. If this occurs, drivers ought to steadly evaluate, find out the factors, as well as offset it in time, so as not to impact the result value of pellets as well as create equivalent financial loss.

When feeding the yard pellet device, we must focus on various feeding sizes, since different feeding dimensions are not just easy to trigger equipment obstruction, however also easy to trigger devices damage, therefore affecting our normal job, which needs us to utilize, enhance upkeep, to extend the efficiency of yard pellet device usage.

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