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Description Just how to choose a appropriate compression ratio for biomass pellet mill? How is the compression proportion of the biomass gas pellet maker calculated? The compression ratio provided by the biomass pellet mill producer is normally determined according to the particular gravity of the regional product of the supplier. How does the consumer select the suitable compression proportion?

1. Just how to select a suitable compression proportion?
The mold and mildew compression proportion of the biomass pellet mill is identified according to the raw product, so let's mention a few basic woods. The compression ratio of poplar is 1:6, the compression proportion of yearn is 1:7, the compression ratio of tough assorted wood is 1:5, the compression ratio of damaged shavings is 1:5.5, and also the compression ratio of corn stalk is 1:8. Judging from these easy numbers, the compression proportion of various raw materials is various.

The harder the raw product, the smaller sized the compression proportion, and also the more fluffy the raw product, the higher the compression proportion. The raw product has a lot of fiber, as well as the material with a lot of fiber is easy to create. After that let's discuss the compression ratio of poplar timber of 1:6. What do the 1 as well as 6 in the numbers represent? There are 6mm, 8mm, as well as 10mm directly for each small opening of the biomass pellet mill of the ring die, as well as this 1 stands for the size of the hole of each tiny hole.

If the diameter of the ring die opening is 8mm, after that this 1 stands for 8, and also 6 represents the reliable aperture. The reliable aperture amounts to the size of the hole increased by the reliable aperture length, that is, 6 * 8= 48. That is, 8:48.8:48 is simplified to 1:6, as well as 1:6 is the compression proportion of poplar, which is transformed by doing this.

The quality of the biomass pellet mill depends on the compression proportion of the ring die, but if the consumer The molding price of your production of wood pellets is not really high, so you can properly lower the compression ratio, which can not just increase the result, however likewise decrease the service life of the mold as well as the stress roller. So just how to select the appropriate mold:

Firstly, on the facility of choosing a good biomass pellet mill ring die, the ideal die hole kind, opening proportion and compression proportion (compression proportion = effective size of the die hole size) ought to be picked according to the details gravity of the production material. On the premise of guaranteeing the stamina of the ring die, attempt to increase the opening price of the ring die. For some kinds of materials, under the problem of making certain a affordable compression ratio, the ring die is too slim, to ensure that the stamina of the ring die is inadequate, as well as surges may occur during manufacturing. Currently, the thickness of the ring die and also the decompression hole ought to be increased under the facility of making sure the efficient length of the die hole.

The ring die compression proportion describes the ratio of the effective size of the ring die opening to the minimum size of the ring die hole, which is an index mirroring the extrusion stamina of wood pellets. The greater the compression ratio, the stronger the extruded timber pellets.

For the compression ratio of the biomass pellet making equipment ring die of the straight hole, the efficient size of the ring die opening is the complete thickness of the ring die, and the minimum diameter is the diameter of the die opening itself; for the release stepped hole and also the external conical opening, the die The effective size of the hole is the total density of the ring die minus the size of the launch hole or the size of the outer tapered hole, and the hole size of the small diameter area is the hole size for calculating the compression proportion; for the compressed stepped opening and also the internal tapered hole, this circumstance is special.

Normally, the thickness of the whole ring die is made use of as the reliable size of the die opening, as well as the minimal diameter is the size of the small size section. Naturally, the meaning of the ring die compression ratio determined in this way is different from the initial 2 cases.

Roughness is likewise an vital indication to measure the quality of the biomass pellet mill maker ring die. Under the very same compression ratio, the bigger the roughness worth, the greater the extrusion resistance of the timber pellets, and the more difficult it is to release. Too much roughness likewise influences the top quality of the pellet surface. A appropriate roughness worth need to be between 0.8 and also 1.6.

2. What is the necessity of developing biomass power?

The advancement of biomass power contributes to boosting the well-being and also quality of life of the more than 500 million rural people throughout the country, promoting the mix of planting as well as breeding and the revitalization of rural ecology, decreasing air pollution as well as fossil power usage, and promoting national energy safety and security and also low-carbon eco-friendly growth.

The core of the energy revolution is the transition from fossil energy to a low-carbon power system dominated by renewable energy. Vigorously promoting biomass power in rural areas can curb unreasonable rural power usage, efficiently enhance the energy intake structure of rural homeowners, decrease contaminants and greenhouse gas discharges brought on by fossil energy usage in rural areas, and also contribute to the establishment of a prosperous culture that meets the requirements of rural areas in an all-round way.

3. The demand for biomass pellet mill boosts
With the boosting price of food, the plants that were directly thrown out can be recycled by biomass pellet mill to become the feed needed for farming. Additionally, sawdust and straw refined by sawdust pellet machine or straw pellet equipment The pellets can be sent out straight to power plants to change coal and utilized as a new energy resource. This greatly minimizes prices as well as is identified by more and more consumers.

The 3 major energy resources used by humans today are oil, natural gas and also coal, every one of which are non-renewable energy sources. According to specialists' predictions, if the demand for power at the current economic growth rate is met, these three power resources that can be made use of as well as made use of in the earth, will be tired in 40 years, 60 years as well as 200 years specifically, the growth and utilization of brand-new power has actually become an immediate problem in human growth. Since the global oil situation happened in the 1970s, the advancement and usage of renewable energy has drawn in an increasing number of interest. Bioenergy is an essential renewable energy. In the current world power intake, bioenergy make up 14% of the world's overall energy intake, second just to In oil, gas as well as coal, it rates fourth.

Straw wood biomass pellet mill modern technology is suitable for promo and also application in forest locations and also farming locations abundant in biomass resources, and also can additionally be used to treat plant straw, timber waste from furniture factories and also wood handling factories.

( 1 ) The calorific worth of straw pellets and sawdust pellets is big, the calorific value has to do with 3900 ~ 4800 kcal/kg, and the calorific worth after carbonization is as high as 7000-8000 kcal/kg.
( 2 ) The fuel of straw pellets and also sawdust pellets has high purity as well as does not have other pollutants that do not generate warm. Its carbon web content is 75-85%, ash material is 3-6%, water material is 1-3%, and it does not contain coal gangue. Stones and also various other contaminations that do not produce heat but consume heat will straight lower costs for ventures.
( 3 ) The fuel of straw pellets and also timber pellets does not contain sulfur as well as phosphorus, and also does not corrode the central heating boiler, which can lengthen the service life of the central heating boiler, and the business will profit a lot.
( 4 ) Because straw pellets and timber pellets do not contain sulfur and also phosphorus, they do not generate sulfur dioxide and phosphorus pentoxide during burning, so they will not trigger acid rain, pollute the atmosphere, or pollute the setting.
( 5 ) Straw pellets as well as wood pellets are clean and also hygienic, easy to feed, minimize the labor strength of employees, greatly improve the labor atmosphere, and also business will decrease the cost of labor.
( 6 ) After melting straw pellets and also timber pellets, there is extremely little ash ballast, which considerably decreases the website for stacking coal slag and also minimizes the expense of slag removal.
( 7 ) The ashes after melting straw pellets as well as wood pellets are premium organic potash fertilizers with extremely high qualities, which can be reused to produce revenues.

As a new kind of pellet gas, straw pellets and wood pellets have won large acknowledgment for their special benefits. Compared with standard fuels, it not only has economic advantages however additionally ecological benefits, and completely satisfies the demands of lasting growth.

With the promotion of environmental management and the decrease of resources in several countries, biomass pellet mills, sawdust pellet equipments and also straw pellet makers have established by jumps and bounds. What regarding the potential customers of biomass pellet mills? What are the benefits? RICHI Machinery Co., Ltd. will certainly introduce to you.

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