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Description The organic fertilizer pellet making device is made use of to granulate numerous organic materials after fermentation. Prior to granulation, the raw materials do not need to be dried and pulverized, as well as spherical granules can be refined directly with ingredients, which can conserve a lot of power.

The natural plant food pellet making equipment is made up of a reducer, a combining, an electric motor, a feed port, a discharge port, a framework, a cylinder, and a bearing. It is extensively utilized in the granulation of fermented plant foods such as livestock and also fowl manure, waste sludge, composting plant foods, straw rice husks, cassava deposits, wine trough deposits, environment-friendly manure cake fertilizers, peat, as well as soil miscellaneous fertilizers.

The shell of the organic plant food production equipment is constructed from thickened smooth steel pipeline, which is tough and resilient; combined with a secure base, it makes its procedure extra secure. It is selected as the excellent product by the majority of users.

1. Review of natural plant food pellet making device

This organic fertilizer pellet making maker is a type of natural plant food pellet mill for processing fine-grained raw materials into granules, which appropriates for high nitrogen web content items such as organic and also inorganic substance fertilizers. This organic plant food pellet making maker is made up of a frame, a drum, an internal stirring tooth granulation system, an internal transmission mechanism, an external transmission system as well as other parts.

a. The framework is bonded with thickened channel steel.
b. The drum is welded by enlarged steel plate and also takes on the form of a drum organic plant food pellet making machine.
c. The granulation system takes on the tooth mixing granulation approach.
d. The inner drive takes on the soft connection method of the combining.
e. External transmission embraces cast steel equipment harmonizing for transmission.

2. Organic fertilizer pellet making machine product functions:

The pellets generated by natural plant food pellet making maker are round.

The natural content can be as high as 99%, recognizing pure organic granulation.

Using the attribute that natural pellets can mature with each other under proper force, no binder is needed throughout granulation.

The granules are firm and can be sieved after granulation, minimizing drying power usage.

The raw material after fermentation does not need to be dried out, and also the dampness web content of the raw product can be 20-40%.

3. Advantages of natural plant food pellet making equipment

The principle of the natural fertilizer pellet making machine is simple, the granulation speed is quick, as well as the fine powder product is continually mixed in the equipment by utilizing the mechanical mixing force of high-speed turning as well as the aerodynamic force created therefrom.

High granulation top quality, this natural fertilizer pellet making maker is especially suitable for the granulation of light and also great powder materials. The finer the fundamental fragments of the fine powder material, the greater the sphericity of the particles and also the far better the quality of the sphere.

No binder is needed, and also the organic pellets can be embedded with each other under the activity of the force, and also no binder is called for throughout granulation.

Sturdy and durable. The natural plant food pellet making maker tooth extraction is solid and resilient, and has a breaking and blending impact on the product.

4. Installment as well as debugging of plant food pelletizer:

( 1) Setup: This series of organic plant food pellet making machine generally have the complying with components after leaving the manufacturing facility:
① The text of the disc granulator, the text includes the structure of the frame, the change part and also the granulation disc; make the foundation according to the tools foundation map provided by the plant food pelletizer producer.
② One main reducer, the input shaft is furnished with a pulley, and also the result shaft is geared up with a pinion;
③ One main point motor and also one sheave; place the natural plant food pellet making equipment on the ready-made devices foundation, and then bonded the equipment as well as the embedded iron externally of the foundation with each other. Prior to testing the equipment, focus on the rotation instructions of the device, the cylinder body and the major shaft turning direction are the same.
④ Assistance granulation disc gadget, consisting of one main shaft, 2 sets of roller bearings, and also two collections of birthing seats;
⑤ Accessories: V-belt, corner screws.

( 2) Debugging: The raw products used by this organic plant food pellet making device are various. Typically, it has actually been changed prior to leaving the factory, and passed the stringent top quality and technological evaluation as well as accepted the qualified manufacturing facility, yet it still requires to be changed because of on-site maintenance or problems after procedure as well as usage.

5. Running treatments of plant food pellet maker

Prior to beginning the organic fertilizer pellet making machine, first check whether the bolts are loose, and whether the rolling belt, supporting roller, pinion gear, as well as big ring equipment are coated with butter.

Inspect whether there are any sundries or products inside, and clean it up in time.

Check whether there are sundries wrapped around the inner mixing and also powdering teeth, or there are a lot of bonding products, and also they must be tidied up in time.

After the organic plant food pellet making maker is started, the product needs to be uniformly fed. If it can not be big or tiny, it will affect the granulation and also damage the life span of the motor.

Throughout the granulation process of this natural fertilizer pellet making machine, it is essential to control the density of the material, the proportion of the material, the thickness of the material, and the dimension of the moisture of the product. In addition, the size of the wetness of the product is proportional to the dimension of the fragment.

When leaving job, the product inside the maker need to be drained pipes easily to avoid jumble from adhering to the within the organic plant food pellet making machine

6. Maintenance of natural plant food pellet making equipment.

Routinely inspect whether the bolts of numerous parts of the devices hang.

Regularly inspect whether there is oil in the turning and also rolling parts of the organic plant food pellet making equipment.

The reducer ought to be replaced with new oil every 6 months.

On a regular basis check whether the internal wall of the cylinder is abided by the product, as well as the front end of the stirring tooth is followed the product, which should be managed in time.

Frequently check the range between the cyndrical tube and also the mixing teeth, as well as the range ought to be 3mm ~ 6mm.

The range in between the cyndrical tube body and also the mixing teeth is too big to form granules. The natural fertilizer machine stirring tooth head at the front end of the mixing tooth needs to be changed in time. If the stirring tooth head of the organic plant food pellet making machine is seriously worn, the new mixing tooth head ought to be replaced in time.

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