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Name How to make active ingredients for drifting fish feed making device?
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Description 1. Exactly how does the drifting fish feed extruder make the active ingredients?

Recently, numerous customers have asked: "I just bought the floating fish feed making device, exactly how do I make the ingredients? Do I utilize my previous formula? Or use the online formula?" In fact, for various aqua feed, each formula is not precisely the exact same. "As long as you recognize these 3 points, there is not a problem with using a floating fish feed making machine to make feed."

( 1) Which resources proportion should be utilized first, which can still be used today, however the proportion of concentrate as well as crude product should be considered.

As a matter of fact, several farmers think that the feed formula will certainly additionally be altered when they get the feed pellet maker. Generally speaking, drifting fish feed making machines can press greater than 50 type of raw materials into pellets, so if you have actually made use of resources such as corn, bran, etc, you can still utilize these raw materials for pelleting.

Nevertheless, if the proportion of roughage is reasonably large in your feed formula, it is necessary to think about the formation of pellet feed. Too much roughage will certainly cause more pelleted feed powder.

Generally, in the feed formula, keep the focused feed: the roughage in the ratio of 3:2 can be made right into pellet feed.

( 2) The drifting fish feed making maker can not just powder one type of raw material, but also can powder a variety of basic materials.

Some farmers asked: "Is it feasible to make use of only one basic material for pelleting when using a floating fish feed making equipment?" This is not the situation. If numerous basic materials are granulated together, these resources require to be squashed one at a time, and then the smashed numerous basic materials are taken into the feed mixer for stirring. The pellet feed made in this way has extensive nutrition and good palatability.

( 3) The floating fish feed making device does not require to add water and also ingredients throughout the pelleting process.

We know that the pellet feed made by the drifting fish feed making maker is generally of a fairly high level of growth, and also the heat of the floating fish feed pellet mill can eliminate some viruses and germs contained in the feed. Currently, there is no requirement to add ingredients in the floating fish feed pellet device granulation procedure.

Moreover, the feed with the drifting fish pellet machine is completely dry in and out, as well as the water material of the pellet feed is typically regulated at regarding 10%, so as to ensure that the feed can be kept for a very long time as well as is not quickly impacted by dampness. So in the granulation process, no need to include water.

Okay, the above is a quick introduction of Richi Equipment on exactly how to make feed pellets by floating fish feed pellet mill.

2. How much is a collection of drifting fish feed making maker?

The equipment of a solitary drifting fish feed making device has to do with a number of thousand dollars. If it is a floating fish feed making maker production line, it will most likely cost 10s of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

One of the most crucial aspects affecting the rate of the drifting fish feed making device are the design (capacity) of the fish pellet machine as well as the setup of the fish pellet equipment.

If you want to do a tiny floating fish feed handling plant, you can use a drifting fish feed assembly line, which will certainly be a lot more reliable and automated. Nevertheless, if it is a independent family farming, the output is usually low, as well as a little drifting fish feed can be selected.

3. After-sales solution of Richi Machinery
The firm's after-sales service personnel can provide ingredients as well as fundamental product formulas of associated drifting fish feed making machine.

On-site training of relevant employees of the purchaser on floating fish feed making device procedure and regular upkeep.

Regular after-sales call to go to clients to help you address related difficult problems run into in the use of drifting fish feed making equipment.

Our business gives top quality and affordable extra parts to the demander all the year round, as well as offers tools upgrade as well as brand-new item growth assistance, which really makes you stress-free.

If the drifting fish feed making maker is damaged after the expiration of the guarantee duration, after obtaining the notice from the purchaser, the customer in the district will arrive at the upkeep website within two days.

Individuals in various countries work out with technicians, and make every effort to come to the scene as soon as possible. For guaranteed drifting fish feed making maker, the Richi Machinery will certainly charge the expense of service and also spare components replacement.

I really hope the above related material about drifting fish feed pellet equipment is valuable to you. For more information concerning natural fertilizer equipment, you are welcome to consult the personnel of Richi Machinery, we will certainly offer you totally!

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