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Description In order to lower the feed price as well as fish illness in aquaculture farms, Richi Equipment has released a floating fish feed making maker; the fish pellet feed created by the fish feed pellet extruder can successfully protect against and manage fish diseases.

1. Use of floating fish feed making device
Fish feed pellet maker is widely used in huge, tool and also small aquaculture, grain feed handling plants, livestock ranches, poultry farms, individual farmers as well as tiny as well as medium-sized ranches, farmers or big, medium and also little drifting fish feed production line.

2. Precautions when making use of floating fish feed making machine

① When the fingerlings are stocked, when the water temperature level is reduced, the growth is slow, and also the dimension is tiny, the pellet size of the feed ought to be regulated at concerning 2mm; when the temperature climbs and also the development of fingerlings is sped up, the diameter of the feed pellets in the mid-term must be 3-3 .5 mm, and also later on in 4-4 .5 mm.

As a result, when making use of the floating fish feed making device to process fish pellet feed, the dimension of the feed pellets must be readjusted according to different durations to accomplish the very best feeding effect.

② Because the fish has no tummy, the feed remains in the intestinal system for a extremely short time, and also the food digestion as well as usage rate is low; as a result, when feeding the feed, it ought to be fed a number of times, and also each feeding should be a little less feed application.

③ Fish pellet feed has 12% - 14% of water throughout the floating fish feed making machine manufacturing process, as well as it is challenging to save for also long, so as to avoid deliquescence, mold, and also condition after feeding the fingerlings, so it is best to create and feed it at the same time.

④ In order to far better avoid the release of unhealthy fish fingerlings, including 1% salt to the feed powder before manufacturing can properly stop the event of conditions of fingerlings.

3. Efficiency of drifting fish feed making machine
Scientific and sensible architectural style, simple, tiny footprint and also reduced sound.

Tiny floating fish feed making equipment for completely dry in and dry out, simple to make products, high output as well as low energy usage.

This floating fish feed making maker has a high pellet forming price, and the resulting pellets have high solidity and also smooth surface area, which is convenient for storage and also transportation.

This design drifting fish feed making device is outfitted with Ø1 .5-- Ø20 type of aperture mold and mildews, which are suitable for granulation of various products as well as achieve better results.

Adjust to various products to make certain the pressing impact.

Basic procedure and also maintenance, secure as well as reputable

Strong flexibility to the work environment

The floating fish pellet equipment body is cast as a whole, the structure is firm and also the look is beautiful, and the life span is long.

4. Benefits of RICHI drifting fish pellet machine
1) Uniform discharge, smooth pellets, and output raised by 50%.

2) The generated granules by floating fish feed making machine are developed at one time, with high solidity, smooth surface area as well as enough interior ripening, which can boost the food digestion as well as absorption of nutrients. Much better for storage.

3) The floating fish feed making maker has humanized design, little footprint, low noise, emergency switch, basic as well as more secure operation.

4) RICHI drifting fish food device can be tailored according to consumer requirements.

5) RICHI floating fish feed making machine comes from the factory direct sales, there is no middleman, the rate is cheap, the earnings is low, and it is all mounted as well as debugged prior to shipment, and after that packed and also shipped.

6) RICHI floating feed making machine is crammed in plastic (plastic waterproof) before distribution.

7) Prior to the last distribution, the floating fish feed pellet making equipment is put on all-wood packaging, and also the whole device is crammed in a wood box to guarantee that the floating pellet equipment gets to the destination securely and also without damages.

5. Process make-up of floating fish feed extruder:
1) Blending equipment: Include a certain proportion of water to the raw materials, such as corn flour, rice flour, soybean flour, fish dish, meat meal, grain flour, additives, etc, as well as blend them uniformly.
2) Feeder: Making use of the motor as the power for screw conveying, the mixed raw materials are carried to the feeding receptacle of the floating fish feed extruder maker to make sure practical and quick feeding.
3) Twin-screw floating fish feed extruder: In the case of heat and also high pressure environment as well as screw extrusion, the mold and mildew can be changed by readjusting the process to create different feeds, as well as the particular pellet shapes and size can be changed.
4) Conveyor: to transfer the feed to the stove.
5) Multi-layer oven: A lot of the stoves are electric stoves, the temperature level is readjusted between 0-200 degrees via the control closet, and also the inside is a stainless-steel double-layer mesh bag, which decreases the wetness of feed pellets, promotes the treating price, as well as boosts the shelf life.
6) Flavoring line: The oil sprayer sprays oil, food attractant, etc. The flavoring drum includes octagonal drum, cylinder, lifting single drum, and dual drum seasoning line. According to the output and product residential or commercial properties, the oil is sprayed externally of the feed, and also splashed at the same time. Minced meat as well as spices, sprinkle evenly.
7) Cooling as well as sharing: decrease the temperature level of frying and feed, promote the solidification of oil, minimize the temperature of pellets, as well as assist in packaging.
8) Shaking sieve: sieve off excess external material as well as pellets at the end of the year to make sure the high quality and the reuse of raw materials.
9) Packaging machine: hand-operated securing machine as well as automatic packaging equipment can be utilized.

6. Concerns concerning drifting fish feed making maker

( 1 ) Q: Which is the very best little floating fish feed making device?
Solution: Presently, there are many suppliers of tiny floating fish feed pellet makers, which are combined. In order to avoid buying makers with poor quality, customers must select routine makers to buy them.

A professional drifting fish feed making machine supplier must have the following 3 points:
A routine drifting pellet equipment maker.
Outstanding maker high quality,
Perfect after-sales service.

( 2 ) Q: Is the little drifting fish feed making machine long lasting? how much is it?
Solution: You need to recognize with the small floating pellet equipment. What is the result of this device? Is it easy to use? This drifting fish feed making machine is a feed processing tools specifically made for reproducing chicken.
The substance feed formula has a variety of raw materials. Nutritional equilibrium.
Minimize illness as well as enhance survival rate.
Save feed cost for dog breeders and also improve financial benefits. The certain rate needs the user to identify the version first, and after that let the floating pellet maker producer quote.

( 3 ) Q: Just how much is the price of the small drifting feed extruder equipment?
Response: The decisive element for the rate of the tiny drifting feed extruder equipment lies in the outcome, resources and power. The higher the outcome, the greater the rate of the equivalent floating fish feed making machine, and the greater the power, the greater the rate.
Therefore, before buying, initial determine just how much result you want, and after that let the floating fish feed making machine supplier offer an accurate quote.

( 4 ) Q: How much is the tiny fish feed pellet maker?
A: The power of the little floating fish feed making machine is 2.2 kw with two-phase electrical power, as well as the hourly output of feed pellets has to do with 60-100 kgs. The cost of a high-grade machine with a motor is about 2000-200000USD.

( 5 ) Q: What is floating feed equipment price?
Solution: Thefloating fish feed pellet mill is a multi-functional feed pellet machine, which can be utilized to process pet feeds such as chickens, ducks, as well as geese, boost the survival price. The price is 2000-200000USD.

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