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Name People looking for a chance to play with their former
Status New
Type Beading machines
Price unknown
Description However, there is no reason to stop players from returning to the contest after having improved their statistics as well as hone their skills and gaining the sort of equipment that puts them in a far better position for taking on the raging lion. Although there isn't a definitive minimum level to meet, moving one's level into the 30s and 40s will put them in a more advantageous position when it takes on the still a challenging contest.

People looking for a chance to play with their former victim will find it at the chapel of Anticipation. To achieve this it is necessary to visit the Four Belfries' Site of Grace and obtain the Imbued Sword Key from the treasure chest that is located within the. After securing the key players can use it to access one of the nearby portals within the second tower. This opens directly into the Chapel in question , where the Scion can be found. By defeating the Scion will then grant the participant rewards.

Why Defeating The Grafted Scion Is Worth It.Seeking an opportunity to take on the amorphous killer is worth it because of a variety of reasons, not just only personal pride. Any time and any way that players decide to take down the boss from the tutorial, they will be amply rewarding with it. The Golden Beast Crest Shield and the Ornamental Straight Sword in addition to 3,200 more Runes.

The Golden Beast Crest Shield is an excellent shield that requires the requisite 24 Strength to wield. It blocks 100 % of the physical damage that comes in. The Ornamental Straight Sword offers rapid attacks and will require 10 Strength along with 14 Dexterity. Scaling primarily with Strength and Dexterity The Straight Sword gives 101 physical output. It also has an ability called the Golden Tempering ability, which "allows the user to turn the attack that is strong into an attack that can be combined."

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