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Description MB&F x Bulgari The joy of reunion

Behind MB&F x Bulgari Legacy Machine FlyingT Allegra

At Dubai Best replica watches websites Week (DWW), the theme of the event was "The World Reunited for a Moment". This is a perfect description of what DWW stands for, not a gathering (too casual), not a meeting (which makes you think of spending endless time in a meeting room), but a reunion. Reunions are usually held between friends or family members. They know and enjoy each other's company. The prefix "re" tells you that this is not the first time they do this. Just yesterday, one of the most exciting conferences on DWW was the high-end jewelry collaboration between Bulgari and MB&F. The story began and ended with a reunion in Dubai.

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At first glance, you may not see a direct connection between Bulgari and MB&F; you may not be sure of what the historic Italian luxury brand has in common with the 16-year-old independent watch brand based in Geneva. However, looking deeper, you will find that they are all praised by critics and businesses, they are all keen on designing the vigorous watchmaking industry, and—perhaps most prominently—they are unbelievable behind them. Creativity.replica luxury watches

Take a closer look at Legacy Machine FlyingT Allegra. Can you find elements from Max Büsser (the founder of MB&F), can you find elements from Fabrizio Buonamassa (head of product creation at Bulgari)? The core of this work is pure Max, of course, pure MB&F. The first FlyingT was Max paying tribute to the women in his life: his mother, his wife, and his daughter. He believes that this work is both elegant and full of vitality, and for him it represents the epitome of femininity.

Bulgari's influence is reflected in the redesign of the entire case, with the aim of emphasizing its curves and drawing the focus to the pure geometry of its form. The lugs are almost invisible and have been reduced to a hidden spot hidden under the diamond-encrusted bezel. Although two of FlyingT’s three release versions are already equipped with a full dial and bezel, this FlyingT’s high-end jewelry piece, Allegra, dared to go a step further and use colored gemstones, some of which have Bulgari’s iconic cabochon cuts. In order to convey the unstoppable Italian style and enthusiasm.1:1 quality replica watches

There are two versions of Legacy Machine FlyingT Allegra, one in white gold and the other in rose gold, demonstrating the extraordinary characteristics of this collaboration. By the way, they were almost sold out less than a day after the official release.

I said that the story of LM FlyingT Allegra began with a reunion in Dubai, because it was during Dubai Watch Week a few years ago that Max and Fabrizio first talked about the possibility of cooperating watches. The first initial hint of a potential collaboration develops into a mature project, launched at Dubai AAA replica watches Week (other places!), making the story full circle.

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