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Name It is probable that 90% of the items
Status New
Type Boring machines
Price unknown
Description It is probable that 90% of the items mentioned above will not be accessible to you once you join. It is necessary to complete some small quests and improve your members skills before you can access most of the above. They are valuable quests that you can pursue in the long run.

Do not be worried about dying. If you're not the tank and the tank is good at his job (usually the 138's are), you won't get hit very much. If you make a mistake, such as not praying correctly, it doesn't matter. If you die in the event that your loved ones bless your grave, you'll be able to make your way back to retrieve your belongings (aslong as you've got an hour-long gravestone).

Hi all! I'm just half way through Hero's Quest. Can you assist me in obtaining the Master Thief's Armband? I'm in the BLACK ARMGANG and need assistance from the Pheonix Gang. I am able to defeat the Ice Queen of level 111. It's easy to do using 43 Prayer (Protect from Melee).

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