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Name High Standard 1600mm Offline Water Electret Non Woven Machine V.0
Status New
Type Machining lines
Price unknown
Description High Standard 1600mm Offline Water Electret Non Woven Machine V.0
Product Details:
Melt Blown Cloth:
PP is the main raw material of the melt blown cloth, and the diameter of the fiber can reach 0.5-10 μ m. These ultra-fine fibers with unique capillary structure increase the number and surface area of the fiber per unit area, so that the melt blown cloth has good air filtration, and is a relatively good mask material. In large and medium-sized medical institutions, in earthquake and flood affected areas, in SARS and avian influenza With the high incidence season of H1N1 virus, melt blown filter paper plays an irreplaceable role with its strong filtering performance.
Melt blown cloth is mainly used for:
a.Filter material
b.Medical and health materials
c.Environmental protection materials
d.Clothing materials
e.Battery diaphragm material
f.Wiping materials
We are Non Woven Machine Manufacturer.
● High accurate raw material blender for polyproplyene and additives.
● High capacity extrusion machine with good screw and barrel.
● High performance melt filtration system.
● High Speed with high accurate melt pump.
● Lastest melt flow design and spinning system.
● Well-know PLC control system and motors.
● Smart operation program and monitoring syustem.

Technical Parameters:
Model No. MY-1600 offline V.0
 Total Size 12M×5M×1.5M
Total Weight About 3.5 tons
Voltage 380VAC
Total Power 260KW
Use Power 200kw
Mechanical Line Speed 4-20m/min
Worker Needed 2 workers/shift
Effective Width 1700mm
GSM Range 15 ~ 80g/ ㎡
Production Capacity 800KG ~ 1500KG/Day
Installed Power 260KW
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