Machine Last Update: Nov 24, 2021
Name Directly Electret 1600mm Offline Water Electret Meltblown Machine V.1
Status New
Type Machining lines
Price unknown
Description Directly Electret 1600mm Offline Water Electret Meltblown Machine V.1
Our latest research and development of the water electret online production line has high filtration efficiency and low resistane.The electrostatic retention is three times more than that of the electric electret. After the high temperature and high humidity aging test, the filtration efficiency will basically not decrease, The water electret technology can be directly Installed on the customer's original equipement with the addition, the output quality is higher and more stable, and it can guarantee to meet the European standard FFP2, FFP3 and other foreign inspection standards. Our company has an independent R&D team with mature technology for modification, processing and customization, and a high qulity stability. The company provides full technical support to ensure that the partners produce standard FFP2, FFP3 meltblown fabric. The stable output of 880mm water electret melt blown fabric is 500 kgs/day.

Product Feature of Melt Blown Fabric Produciton Line
● The whole line is well-structured and easy to operate.
● The whole line is highly automated.
● Control Elements are brand products, high performance and reliable technologies
● We offer meltblown production line including the designing, producing, installing and testing.

Applications of Tongwei Meltblown Fabric → Barriers&Filter Properties
● Sanitary Products
Baby and child hygiene
Female hygiene
Incontinence products
● Absorbing pads
Function inserts for controlled absorption
Absorbent cloths and wiping cloths
Media for oil absorption
Liquids(benzene, water, blood)
● Filtration
Liquids (benzene, water, blood)

Company Last Update: Nov 24, 2021
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