Machine Last Update: Nov 22, 2021
Name Khorne was already at the bank so he got enough food
Status New
Type Boring machines
Price unknown
Description Khorne was already at the bank so he got enough food, and then went to eat it while I was eating. We decided to put it down because it was not a multi. We alternated attacking it, and when we ran out of food, we would bank. Then he would fight it vice versa. This continued until we wasted about 4 loads of food each on the same rev!

I have an issue. How is it possible to own revs of lvl75 and lvl60 each with just one load of food but not be able to kill an lvl63 with four loads? It was absurd that the rev didn't stop healing... I tried attack and str pray to kill him, but he wouldn't accept the attack. We finally stopped and fled. Do revs have to be that powerful?

They are so different from the other monsters I have encountered... they can freeze you and even farcast... PLZ GIVE tips on how to defeat these things if POSSIBLE... Rev hunting is a challenge ...., but I didn't think they would be this great. Are you able to solo at a level 20 or less than you?

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