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Name I was raised playing on the RP server
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Description Another player pointed out as I've heard that I don't consume his work - that FFXIV's narrative even promotes its own culture. Instead of telling a story about two groups of players are fighting It's a story that promotes forgiveness and unity even in the face of conflict. It's a game where you are able to be hit with the dodgeball (Fire in the dodgeball). You can't dodge the dodgeball. The ref has to tell you to go back to your starting zone before you're able to rejoin the fray. It's refreshing!

I was raised playing on the RP server from WoW which is why the city of WoW being vibrant was nothing new to me. However, FFXIV does it in such a different way, and it's not just traditional role-playing. There are people having fun and hanging out. That's what makes it special.

A few weeks back I was looking through this sub and came across some posts on limsa's afkers. I wanted to stop by and go through them as soon as you reach level 61, the cities that are og appear less and less in your tale.

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