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When his hitpoints fall below 5%, Rorgon will teleport to give Slayer exp to anyone who assisted in his death, and also leaving valuable items like the man had been killed. The possible drops could include bolt tips, Dragon hidden treasures, clue scrolls and gems. herbal, key halves, Shield halves, seeds, and a specific type of weapon for dragons that I will let you decide on what that weapon is. Dragon Pickaxe isn't an option, as you'll find a cave with Red Axe-wielding henchmen that can drop it in a future quest idea. What are your thoughts?

Ok. Okay. Here's the most popular substitute for god: Zamorak, Satan. Saradomin: God Armadyl / Asherah Bandos / Baal Guthix escarte Zaros ; Dagon

Not all the gods would be altered. You could also report someone for disrespecting religion. This means that you may be subject to a report if you make jokes or discredit any other religion, no matter if it is atheists or buddhist. You would get muted as punishment.

This is an option. To switch it off simply click the icon at the top of the page. It's just like language selection but bigger. If you think this is a load of nonsense, it's because every time I log in my character "praises' saradomin. This is something I'd like to change to make it more compatible with the religious beliefs of the majority of players. I did some surveys and found that only 3/10 of the runescape gamers are Christians.

As you might imagine the armor and other items would be identical, but with different names. I've been thinking, and maybe it would be more beneficial to have Christian only worlds, so that you wouldn't have to be tuned into another version of Runescape to meet with your friends, so discuss about that, Pm me for any additional accessories and if I think they're good i'll include them, but please only constructive critisizim and no "This simply won't work" things such as this. Thanks! (in advance)

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