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Name I get real nostalgic for a few wow
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Description I feel . I get real nostalgic for a few wow but read up on the current xpac and decide against it. I dont have a tonne of time anymore but MOP was the last xpac I did the raids for. I quested a little in the xpac after but got pissed at times questing zones (I can't play with my friend now because hes 1 pursuit ahead wut? I liked the case planet changes before then). Occasionally I feel like I should have sold my account at peak cata times where I had like 5 max level characters with epic tape equipment pieces...

Classic was busted too though. Druids were fairly shitty for some time, particularly if you wanted to go freal. Healing was good, but not as great as a priest or shaman. They have always had broken courses they don't fix. They did the exact same thing when they eventually fixed feral druids, they acted just like that they gave us something astonishing. I was a feral druid for a year before anyone would take me on raids, it may have been more, I can't remember now. Lol.

God, I have PTSD from legendary farming in Legion. I wanna say it was some bracers? I ran Nighthold over and above. For months. I wound up quitting for a while and came back at the end of BFA.

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