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The game's release was primarily about PvE, but there were some notable exceptions. In terms of PvE alone race, racial skill had less impact than the overall impact of Paladin/Shaman discussing 40 players. In this case, the main focus is Alliance. Everyone is familiar with PvE, and they can do it at home. A plethora of guides and videos that make them easy and easy to master. The real "challenge" nowadays is PvP. In the smaller group game the differences between Paladin and Shaman is not as great but the differences in racials is noticeable...and that's why Horde becomes the meta faction.

The notion that one side is made up of "better players" than the other is absurd. Think about the steps required for deciding either side. There is absolutely nothing that separates or obstructs someone from being able to pick one side or the other.

The only distinctions are the populations, racial abilities and the paladin/shaman (for classic) practically nothing else differentiates an horde player any different from an alliance player. Players who love PVP tend to prefer the faction that's the most meta for PVP (horde) but , the extent of it the issue of skill is not a factor compared to the immense inequality in the population and the issues caused by it.

My guild in 04 was changed to Alliance due to the fact that Paladins were more powerful than Shaman as well as because we were a PvE raiding guild. It was also harder to get good recuits because there were fewer players in the horde faction when we first started by a huge margin. This had nothing to do with do with racial skills in PvE.

I don't think that vanilla racials are the only reason why most players choose their FACTION. This was not the same experience I had when I was younger. Our Rank 1 guy I played a while with simply picked Tauren because he was convinced that they were cool.

No one said entirely however, it's no accidental that the groups started out, and then ended up manner they were...easily explained in the previous paragraph. I'm not going to pretend it's all people just wanting to have fun with their buddies, it's absurd.

Ion spoke about WoW retail in which there aren't servers or a mega-server that you can play with anyone within your region. The game is balanced, though Alliance tends to have more experienced players than Horde.

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