Machine Last Update: Nov 8, 2016
Name RIV2200-Pneumatic press for self clinchings, head only (it comes with 8 dies) RIV2200
Status New
Type Other
Price unknown
Description RIV2200 is a pneumatic press for self-clinching fasteners with throat depth 200mm, that is small in size but great in its performance.
Flexibility: compactness and geometry of the structure allow to install fasteners with a force that goes up to 6,000kg for a vast numbers/types of shapes.
Safety: moving saddles reduce the distance between the anvil and the punch within the values of safety.
Wide use in many production lines.
8 dies included (4 for nuts, 4 for studs for M4, M5, M6, M8).

Company Last Update: Nov 8, 2016
Responsible Renato Abati -Tecnico commerciale
Phone (+39) 051 4171111
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