Machine Last Update: Oct 28, 2016
Name Hydraulic Cylinders1208
Status New
Type Other
Price unknown
Description Pneumatic cylinder with 2 pistons is a perfect solution if you wish to increase theclamping force without interfering with machine design. Two parallel pistons allowsyou to achieve a double pulling and pushing force compared to 1-piston cylinderswith the same diameter. It is a result of the air pressure on a double piston area
Clamping force is set by smooth adjustment of air pressure in the valves
The rotary pneumatic cylinders without through-hole are technologically advancedproducts featuring high rotating speeds, operational safety system and reliability
They are mainly used to drive the lathe chucks and special powered fi xtures operatingin a horizontal positioning system
Compressed air powered
Max. operating pressure 0,63MPa
Unbalance G 6.3

Company Last Update: Oct 28, 2016
Responsible Mateusz Pikuliński-Sales Director
Phone +48 85 741 63 00
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