Company Last Update: Mar 20, 2018
Name It Auction
Responsible MARTINA
Locations Italy
Phone 0546046747
Description Gestiamo ogni fase della vendita, occupandoci di catalogazione fotografica e videografica dei lotti, pubblicazione online, sponsorizzazione nazionale ed internazionale, assistenza telefonica ai clienti, organizzazione di sopralluoghi con il referente di zona, fino alla gestione dei pagamenti e dei ritiri.

1#3885 SIAPI Stretch blow molding machine
Stretch blow molding machine 

Costructor: SIAPI
Serie: EAS70
Id number: S0291
Year: 2009
1#3946 Diathermic fluid generator
OIL-MATIC OMP 4000 series thermal fluid generator BONO ENERGIA with pressurized combustion with fully automatic operation. 

Serial number 31378 year of construction 2013. 

The asset is located in Brescia. 
1#2872 Ci.Effe.Ti ER 82/29 Vertical Axis Machining Center
Ci.Effe.Ti Vertical axis machining center
Model: ER 82/29.
Serial number: 025-12.
Year of construction: 2012.

Machinery operating in the field of footwear processing.
1#3830 Cielle Beta 65/45 Working Center
Cielle Beta 65/45 working center, year 2014.
3#3687 Hurco VM1 machining center
Hurco VM1 machining center
1#3687 Somo hydraulic press brake
Somo hydraulic press brake
1#3627 Junker EJ 29 cnc external grinding machine
Junker EJ 29 cnc external grinding machine:
serial number: 3193
year: 2002
dimensions: 3340 x 1960 x 2050mm
weight: 5000 kg
grinding wheel diameter: 400mm
motor: 4.5kw
speed: 45m / s
feed: 355mm
correction of angles: + 45 ° / -15 °
workpiece holder: cm5
speed: 0 - 1000 rpm
including tailstock
whole oil tank with cartridge filter
6#3627 Maxi Power Walter cnc sharpening machine
machine model: Walter Maxi Power production
serial number: 650277
year: 2003
weight: 7500 kg
grinding wheel diameter: 400mm
engines: 24kw enhanced
workpiece: hydraulic iso 50 - or schublin pliers
speed: 0 - 8000 rpm

Perfect machine for tool making including:
- Comat electrostatic suction system
- drive refrigeration system
- built-in fire-fighting system
- robot for work without supervision with multipallet
- 8 aluminum pallets ø 6.0 - ø 8.0 - ø 10.0 - ø 12.0 - ø 14.0 - ø 16.0 - ø 18.0 - ø 20.0
- complete software packages for all productions including 7 for package
special profiling
1#3429 Oxytome and Nertajet cutting machines
Lot composed of:

- Suction bench 2C-2500-200 750x700mm with reducers, Oxytome 30E HP125 cutting machine + software and control unit (year 2003) 

- Nertajet HP125 cutting machine complete code 9174444 (year 2004)
4#3528 Colgar CS 1520 Mechanical Guillotine Shear
Colgar CS 1520 1500x 20/22 mm Mechanical Guillotine Shear.

Useful cutting length = 1550 mm
Length of the blades = 1580 mm
Free passage between the uprights = 1600 mm
Recess in the uprights = 250 mm
Sheet metal cutting capacity with: r = 45 n / mm2
With sharp blades = 22 mm
With worn blades = 20 mm
Digital motorized back register
With new encoder, with hydraulic disconnection.
Cutting angle = 2 ° 16 'degrees
Number of strokes = 35 min-1
Stroke plungers press sheet = 35 mm hydraulic
Minimum distance from the cutting line = 45 mm
Working pressure of blank holder = 85 bar
Main motor power = 22 kw
Engine power register = 1.5 kw
Engine power unit blank holder = 4 kw
Approximate net weight = 10500 kg
Overall dimensions: 2300x2650xh2000 + 500 engine (which can be removed)
9#3528 New Baykal Aphs 3100x120 Synchronized Bending Press
Baykal Aphs 3100x120 New Synchronized Bending Press.

Cnc esa kvara 2005 compact:
• Non-graphical numerical control
• Off-line programming sw 2d
• Numerical automatic identification of the best sequence of bends with collision detection
• 2d graphic editor for entering tool data
• Programming axis position with automatic verification
• High memory capacity
• Possibility of file transfer via USB programming through insertion angle or absolute dimensions. Multiple functions are included for each cnc program, including: bending length, thickness, material selection, tool selection, bending method, change point position, clamping point, pressure force, speed, register position, delay for repositioning axes, decompression speed, xey axis correction, etc.
• Manual operations on x axis Accessories and standard features
• 3-axis synchronized machine (y1-y2-x) 4 axis (y1-y2-x-r)
• Non-graph esa machine mod. Kvara 2005 Compact
• 500 mm recess
• Tool locking with intermediates
• Sectioned blades
• Multi-v. Matrices
• Motorized back register mm 750 With recirculating ball screws
• N.2 adjustable push pins
• Two-hand control system with double pedal
• N. 2 front desk extensions
• Including oil
• Reel barrier photocells
• Certification CE
• User and maintenance manual
2#3486 Mecfond mechanical press
Mecfond mechanical press.
Capacity: 350 tons.
Working table dimensions: 2.500x1.370 mm
Working table dimensions: 2.500x1.370 mm
Stroke: 250
Min. Light to the SME: 660 mm
Light max. to the SME: 860 mm
Distance between uprights: 2,500 mm
1#3486 Omera OPM2 mechanical press
Omera OPM2 mechanical press.

Year of construction: 1987

Capacity: 350 tons.

Dimensions of the planes: 2,100x1,350 mm

Sled dimensions: 2,100x1,350 mm

Slide adjustment: 150 mm

Stroke: 300 mm

Strokes at min: 13-35 s / min.

Light at the PMI (low-reg. high sled): 750 mm

Side light: 1.040 mm

Light between the uprights: 2.130 mm
11#2993 Tecnorobot welding robot
Tecnorobot welding robot- Positioner model TR 42/40-25-100 maximum capacity 10000 N
1#3364 Real Press presses and BCB Electric automatic cutters
Lot consisting of Real Press presses, BCB Electric automatic cutters, welding machines, Tecmer overhead crane, Linde and Jungheinrich electric forklifts and much more.

The lot also consists of office furniture and equipment.
1#3239 Emmegi Machinery for the production aluminium siding
Machinery for the production aluminium siding :

- n. 2 EMMEGI ACCA XL counters, year 2008

- EMMEGI BMF 3400 assembly bench, matr. C107897, year 2008

- n. 6 EMMEGI cutting trolleys, year 2008

- electronic double head cutting machine EMMEGI CLASSIC LIBRA 500 TU / 4, matr. C107861, year 2008

- EMMEGI rack warehouse, year 2008

- horizontal infeeding machine with electro-pneumatic feed RINALDI LILLIPUT 320 INSO, matr. 211492, year 2008

- EMMEGI MICROBO 4200 DX measurement stop; Doubles. C108130, year 2008

- EMMEGI MICROMATIC STAR compact machining center, matr. C107847, year 2008

- n. 2 EMMEGI FIT counters 1400x2500, year 2008

- n. 2 EMMEGI BAR carriages 4/05, year 2008

- n. 3 EMMEGI FOCUS trolleys, year 2008

- n. 9 EMMEGI TRANSIT trolleys, year 2008

- PRESSTA EISELE 1800 shrinker, matr. 07/3334, year 2007

- ROBOPAC ROTOPLAT 406 DWP packing machine, matr. KN088189, year 2008

- n. 2 EMMEGI LINK roller conveyors, year 2008

- EMMEGI SCA MINI 400P miter saw, matr. C107015, year 2008

- EMMEGI FIVE 300 CS test bench year 2008
2#3246 Colmal press brake
N. 1 Colmal press brake mod. PI65
1#3246 Colgar guillotine shears CM 304
N. 1 guillotine shear Colgar, serial number 8703/44 / A514
1#2930 ISO 30 working center
Lot composed by ISO 30 working center, forklifts, tool holder jaws and much more. 
1#3223 Auerbach Fbe 2000 fixed bed milling machine.
Auerbach Fbe 2000 fixed bed milling machine
Strokes: x 2000 mm - Y 1000 mm - Z 1000 mm
CNC: Heidenhain TNC 360
Head: birotative manual
Attack Iso 50
Spindle rotation speed: 3500 rpm
Spindle motor: Siemens
Motor power: 15 Kw
Motor axis: Siemens
Axis drives: Siemens
Spindle drive: Siemens
Table dimensions: 2100x800
Year of construction: 1993
8#3186 Mori Seiki SH 630 machining center
Mori Seiki SH 630 machining center, year 1999, ISO 50, 60 tools: Fanuc control, high pressure pump, 630x630 pallet.
1#3062 Bottero Cutting and loading bench for Bottero Lamilinea 535 AVLE glass sheets
Bottero Cutting table for glass sheets
Model: Lamilinea 535 AVLE
Serial number: GG94VL-17267
Year of production: 2009.

Bottero Loading bench for glass sheets
Modulinea 100 blc model
Serial number: GG6BC0-17266
Year of production: 2009.
2#3062 Biesse Master 45 glass working center
Biesse glass working center
Model: Master 45
Serial number: 42627
Year of production 2010
6#2860 F.lli Rizzato sheet metal cutting line
F.lli Rizzato sheet metal cutting line dim. 1500x3 mm made up of load cradle capacity qli 120, reel unwinder hole 500-600 mm, flattener with 11 counter-rolled rollers, 90 mm minimum longitudinal cut, transversal cut, water brake, reel winding cradle unloading and with cois
2#2860 Saf Oxytome Oxytode 5
Saf Oxytome 5 PMD oxycutting with 4 torches dim- mm 6600x2500 year 1992 serial number 492, n.06684000
3#2860 Starmatik sheet automatic loader
Starmatik sheet automatic loader, type SMRS, dim. mm 6000x1500x3, serial number 023-09-04, year 2004.
1#2980 Ferroli biomass boiler BI COMB 5000 SGM HP
Self-cleaning steam generator Ferroli model BI COMB SGM HP 5000 with movable grate 18 serial number 7933 year 2013

Biomass boiler smoke purification system brand Mion&Mosole 6 MW

1#2407 Tailift Hydraulic Punching Machine
Tailift HP 2500 Hydraulic Punching Machine of 30 Tons, year of construction 2008.
1#2390 Felmec electrical connector block assembly line and control testing unit
Felmec Swith electrical connector block assembly line equipped with accessories.

machine code 20040114
serial number 450
year of construction 2013

Felmec "Banco General Purpose" control testing unit, 3 Cartesian-axis, equipped with accessories.

machine code 200140113
serial number 443
year of construction 2013. 
1#2827 Vespa Isrt Sandblasting Cabin Without Civil Works
Sandblasting Cabin Without Civil Works.

brand: Vespa
model: I.S.R.T.

serial number: 1977-04221-04222
year of construction: 2009

The plant has worked about 3 years and has been stationary since 2013.
Approximate dimensions: 15 m length x 6 m height x 5 m width.
6#2798 Schmid ammoniacal incision line
Ammoniacal line of incision and tin stripping with relative electrical panel and rectifier of the electrolytic cell; works together with the regeneration core and the electrolytic cell - year 2005 - Schmid brand. Regeneration core and electrolytic cell, year 2005, Schmid brand
9#2783 Tornio a controllo numerico Graziano
Tornio a controllo numerico Graziano
Mod. GT 300
Con unità di governo Indra- Mat System 200 
Numero matricola 931099
Anno di costruzione 1999
8#2783 Centro di lavoro verticale Sigma
Centro di lavoro verticale Sigma
Mod. Zenith
Numero di matricola: Z3030
Anno di costruzione 1996
7#2783 Fresatrice Verticale a testa veloce Phoebus
Fresatrice Verticale a testa veloce Phoebus
Mod.  PBM 4EVC
Numero di Matricola 7902
Anno di costruzione 2006
14#2728 Lindemann press
Lindemann press (used) to assemble, missing main parts: blades and closing trolley
12#2728 Vezzani press
Vezzani press P150 with electrical cabinet.The machinery is working
1#2719 Sofind Bogie Heart Furnace
Sofind bogie heart furnace.
serial number: 06618
year of construction 2010
temperature 900 ° C
Many wiring are disconnected. It was not possible to inspect the inside of the oven because it was closed and not connected to the electric line. The oven was mounted on motorized wheels that run on rails to facilitate entry and exit from the warehouse.

The use and maintenance manual has not been found.
1#2617 Emmegi Machining Centre and Double-Head Cutting Off Machine
Emmegi Phantomatic T3 A Machining Centre
serial number C114586
year of construction 2013
3 axes
used for the working of bars or aluminium, PVC, light alloys in general and steel pieces up to 3 mm
it has a tool storage from 4 to 8 place
Emmegi Classic Magic 450 TU/4 Electronic double-head cutting off machine
serial number C114574
year of construction 2013
angles up to 22°30’ (external)
450 mm blade
useful cut 4 m in lenght

These machines are in very good conditions and have their own software manual and EC declaration. Hardware manual missing.
1#2616 Beta System Electrowelded Mesh Automatic Production System
Betasystem MRV2 automatic plant for the production of electro-welded mesh, year 2006, serial number MR23062006.

The plant consists of No. 2 head boring machines, a series of rotors, a series of vertical and longitudinal blades, fences, photocells and safety devices.

This is an automatic system that allows longitudinal and transversal welding of steel reinforcement meshes. The systems allow to produce meshes with a minimum length of 1,000 mm and a maximum of 6,000 mm.

The width in production can vary from 1,500 mm to 3,000 mm with wire diameter from 5 to 10 mm.

The plant can perform the bending of whole meshes with the creation of cages but also the bending of single bars and making special shapes.

It is a high production machine with about 120 strokes per minute, able to realize even 2 panels at the same time.
4#2504 Omcca Electric bending machine
Omcca Electric bending machine mod. TH 160 serial number. 05748
3#2504 Promotec Thermal break profile assembly units
PromotecThermal break profile assembly units, mod. EC serial number. 105 and 106, with two cutting heads and two control stations. Purchase date 2005
1#2504 Gasparini press brake oleodynamic
Gasparini press brake oleodynamic mod. PGS 500/8000 FP serial number. 0703/5371 - Purchase year 2003
2#2504 Hyundai soldering station
Hyundai soldering station, mod. HR010L, serial number. HA5-003, tracks and robots - Year of purchase 2005
17#2522 Fronius welders
2 continuous wire welding machines brand Fronius.
313#2434 Jot Automation components assembly machine
Jot Automation components assembly machine
259#2434 International Supplies Polishing line
International Supplies Polishing line with loader and stucher Pola e Massa, model pumex shd, serial number 0103624, year 1992.
229#2434 Cugher oven
Cugher oven, type uv 3l89, serial number 412239 with Cedal dischargher, serial number 91.35.018.
193#2434 Bbt Equipment Electric testing machine
Bbt Equipment Os 3700 Electric testing machine, serial number uat008052005, year 2005, with chargher and stucher complete with around 150 adapters.
176#2434 Aluminum milling machine
Aluminum milling machine, type ds180p, serial number 0307001, year 2008 with electric panel.
161#2434 Mania Automatic Exhibitor
Mania Max 9000 automatic exhibitor, serial number 9111280060, year 2001
260#2434 Brushing Line with Pola e Massa chargher and stucher
Brushing Line with Pola e Massa chargher and stucher, serial number 94-017, frame 103a60128, stucher model crt-ve+tst, serial number 06.060, year 2006.
1#2519 Doosan VC 500 Machining Center
Doosan VC 500 Machining Center.

General features:

serial number: AV5C0876
year of construction: 2006
CNC Fanuc 21iMB

Complete with original EC declaration of conformity and original instruction manual.
6#2413 Vergani SM225 lathe
Vergani brand lathe, model SM225.
20#2413 Serrmac TCO 35 drill
Drill brand Serrmac, model TCO 35, serial no. 010311, year of manufacture 2001.
2#2413 Bianco 270 MAN saw
Saw brand Bianco, model 270 MAN, serial no. 13/002538, construction year 1998.
5#2413 Imac KFAP00/6 notching machine
 Imac brand notching machine, model KFAP00/6, serial no. 419, year of manufacture 1996.
1#2413 Bianco 370 S.A. saw
Saw brand Bianco, model 370 S.A., serial no. 43000935, year of construction 1999.
40#2355 Oscam machine for processing iron
N. 1 Oscam 45 Machine for processing iron with with measuring and cutting trolley
42#2346 Benedetti press
Benedetti brand press, 80T.
52#2346 Cma Bossi grinders
Lot consisting of: automatic tube grinder, square and rectangular grinder, brand C.M.A. BOSSI, mod. SP 160/4U; automatic grinder for circular seals, brand C.M.A. BOSSI, mod. SC 150/4U, complete with charger.
26#2346 Pedrazzoli Norman Brown 80 tapering machine
Tapering machine brand Pedrazzoli, mod. Norman Brown 80, complete with CLM soundproof cabin, mod. J80-015/01, para. 045730, year of manufacture 2002.
25#2346 Pedrazzoli Bend Master 42 MRV bender
Bender brand Pedrazzoli, mod. Bend Master 42 MRV, matr. 045635, year of construction 2001.
30#2375 MECCANICA COSTRUZIONII sheet bakery
Sheet bakery, brand MECCANICA CONSTRUCTIONS, model CTP, serial no. 002-09, year of construction 2009, complete with accessories for use.

The oven needs revisions.

The good is located in Marnate (VA).
29#2375 PLADREST thermal treatment oven
Thermal treatment oven, brand PLADREST, model THERMAL TREATMENTS, serial no. JP3056, construction year 2009, complete with accessory accessories.

The oven needs revisions.

The good is located in Marnate (VA).
22#2375 FERRO PIETRO WIFI Mod. FFA 2000 fusion furnace
Fusion furnace, brand FERRO PIETRO WIFI, model FFA 2000, serial no. 13000025, year of construction 2013.

The good presents itself in discrete conditions.

The good is located in Marnate (VA).
4#2310 Tekna crushing machine, pantograph and Fom Industrie milling machine
Lot composed by: 
n.1 vacuum bag, in a discreet state; 
n.1 Tekna crushing macine, in a discreet state; 
n.1 pantograph in discrete conditions; 
n.1 Fom Industrie milling machine, in a discreet state.
Lot sold as is. Some quantities could not correspond. We suggest an inspection on site.
3#2310 Fom Industrie Blitz Alva 450 A cropper
3#2310 Two-headed cropper, Brand Fom Industrie, Blitz Alva 450 A model, C02 00122, in discreet state.
2#2310 Fom Industrie cropper
Two-head cropper, brand Fom Industrie, type B2ALVA500, serial number C0201952, speed 2800 rpm, in discreet state.
9#2321 Induma milling machine
Induma milling machine, model MBM32 TNC355, travel 3150x1000XH1000, matr.217960; n.1 shelf matr. n. 217,960.
3#2321 Mecof milling machine
Mecof milling machine, model 2S105/G, run 3170x1000xh1800, matr. 068,444; n. 2 squares.
2#2321 C.B. Ferrari milling machine
C.B. Ferrari milling machine, type S66-E, run 1616x800XH700, 85046.
2#2305 Bystronic laser cutting machine
Laser cutting machine, Bystronic brand, Btl 3000 turbo model, year 1998.
6#2289 Kuka servant robots
Kuka servant robot. The robot has been designed for loading/unloading the cutter for machining aluminum guides. The good is currently dismantled. Further technical documentation is available upon request.
1#2289 Italplant anodic and polishing system
Italplant's anodic oxidation and brightening plant for surface treatment of aluminum parts. The plants are currently dismantled. The lot includes: n.3 Italplant current rectifiers (disassembled), n.3 power exchangers and n.1 Free Al Italplant Heat Exchange Group (dismantled) In the batch there are pictures of the plant when it was mounted. The plant is composed of: - oxidation section: group of n.21 tanks made of carpentry, carbon steel and stainless steel for carrying out degreasing, satining, oxidation and fixing operations and subsequent rinsing operations. All tanks have the same depth of 1,800 mm and length 8,000 mm while varying in width depending on the surface treatment phase; - brilliant section: n.3 wash basins, sizes 1800x1000x4000mm. Further technical documentation is available on request.
17#2237 Lasm Lbo60G thrift maker
Lasm LBO 60G sander, 2559307, year 1999.
20#2237 Scm Alfa 450 work center
Scm Alfa 450 Machining Center Mechanics Alfa 450, year 1997, serial no. 29378815060.
Centro di lavoro ad alta precisione DIXI 400 TPA-5x 100S

Alesatrice 5 Assi DIXI 400.

Centro di lavoro ad alta precisione DIXI 400 TPA-5X 100S con comando numerico contornatura su 5 assi con tavola chiocciola incorporata.
Cambio automatico degli utensili ATC 100S per 100 utensili e scambiatore automatico dei pallets.

Trattasi di macchina ad altissima precisione idonea per lavorazioni di leghe leggere ad alta dilatazione termica.

La macchina è in condizioni pari al nuovo con pochissime ore di lavoro all'attivo. È sempre stata mantenuta in modo ottimale in laboratorio climatizzato 20 - 0,5°.

X 1.400 mm
Y 1.400 mm
Z 900 mm
B 360°
A 110°

Diametro massimo: 1.350 mm.
Dimensione tavola: 800x800 mm.

Opzioni CNC:

Linguaggio CNC: italiano.

Opzioni del mandrino:
velocità 5000 giri/min. ISO 50.
2#2216 Sandblasting system
Lot composed of: sandblaster brand Pro Tech, mod. SMS, year 2006; electric panel for cabinet, brand Pro Tech, mod. Comm. 1458, year 2007, hours 1108;    sandblasting booth with partial recovery plant, Pro Tech brand, 5x4x3 size; dust reduction, brand Pro Tech, mod. D12 Hp; In good condition.
1#2124 Teseo automatic leather cutting
Teseo automatic leather cutting serie FC4 300 serial number  180 301 301 year 2010
1#2192 Secmu Sistema 5 Multipallet Horizontal Machining Centre
1#2192 Secmu Sistema 5 Multipallet Horizontal Machining Centre

Horizontal machining centre Multipallet Secmu Sistema 5. Serial number 98933860, V 380, Hz 50, Kw 40 in working conditions.
19#2095 Shelving and Wood Finishing Products
Large warehouse of semi-finished products and finished products made of wood for kitchens; shelves of various sizes:
 P 80 H 294 ml 106,55 + 137 + 201 + 344,90 + 132,60 = ml 922,05;
 P 80 H 350 ml 258,60 + 132 + 390 + 123,70 + 45.60 = ml 949.90;
 P 80 H 1.97 ml 14.90;
 P 80 H 245 ml 115;
 P 70 H 330 ml 101;
 P 80 H 330 ml 16.80;
 P 100 H 330 ml 66;
 P 80 H 245 ml 115;
 single shelf rack p 150 h 400 ml 10,20;
 steel shelves green color P 80 h 220 ml 2.50; 
 no. 4 shelves in self-constructed stainless steel green P 90 H 250 ml 2,56;
 no. 2 storage racks with green shelf arm P 150 H 230 ml 2.97; 
 no. 5 shelves in self-constructed stainless steel green P 90 H 200 ml 2,56;
 self-built single-hull rack green color P 130 H 200 ml 2.50.
18#2095 Motorized Rollers and Conveyor Tapes
Rollers / Motorized Ribbons CVM ml. 70/30 mot., Motorized rollers and non CVM ml. 550/350 mot, motorized rollers and non CVM ml. 2300/1400 mot, motorized rollers / tapes CVM ml. 170 mot, roller / motorized ribbon rollers CVM Righi ml. 100 mot
17#2094 Suction and compressed air systems
Suction systems, compressed area, safety and alarm
16#2094 Biesse woodworking machinery
Charger BIESSE line Selecta matr. 860401100 - year 2000 - complete with double motorized roller conveyor, Drill-Insert for drawer guide COMIL INSIDER K12 matr. 67700 complete with BIESSE dx power feeders, n.2 screwdrivers and n. 1 hinge feeder brand SARG- matr. 22990B year 2006 and matr. 22990 Year 2006, Stretch BIESSE COMIL Xpress matr. 61682 and matr. 61682 year 2005, motorized rollers CVM ml. 90 motorized
15#2094 Biesse woodworking machinery
Charger Selecta matr. 99101/8 year 99/11, Drill BIESSE COMIL Insider FT2 matr. 92704 year 1999, Drilling line BIESSE COMIL matr. 92707 / L year 1999 - INSIDER KT2 matr. 92707 year 1999 - drilling and insertion of hinges and threaded pins, inserting and gluing machine BIESSE COMIL - motorized roller mat. 862025606 Year 1999, Stretcher BIESSE COMIL Xpress matr. 9270900 year 1999, motorized rollers / tapes CVM ml. 60 motorized
11#2094 Biesse machining center
BIESSE Machining Center ROVER 20 matr. 94471 year 1999
10#2094 Biesse machining center
BIESSE Machining Center ROVER 22 matr. 22474 year 2002
6#2094 Biesse drilling and inseriting machines
N. 2 Biesse drilling and inseriting machines INSIDER KB2 matr. 14769 year 2001 and matr. 14723 year 2001, no. 2 motorized power supply belts brand CVM TN / 300-60 year 2002 matr. 000845 and 000846, computer-controlled motorized tapes placed side by side
3#2094 Biesse Comil drilling and inserting machine
Biesse Selecta Charger, Biesse Comil drilling and inserting machine mod. INSIDER KT27B matr. 92711 year 1999 complete with hinge feeder, Branded CPC mod. PAM 3L matr. 101,383 year 2005
1#21400 Complete module manufacturing line SCHMID 50 MW
Complete module manufacturing line SCHMID 50 MW year 2012

Solar Cell Characteristics

Cell dimensions                             156 x 156 mm (6”)
Cell thickness                                160/180 +/- 30 ɥm, pre-sorted
Max bow                                        +/- 1mm
Material                                          Mono- and polycrystalline, square and pseudo - square          

String Characteristics

Cell for String                               8 – 12 (6”)
Distance between cells                2 -10- mm
Max length of string                     2000 mm

Panel Characteristics

Glass thickness                          3,2 – 4 mm
Width                                          990mm +/- 30mm
Length                                         6 x 8 (48 cells) , with manual interconnection
Module dimensions                     6 x 10 (60 cells) , with automatedinterconnection
                                                     6 x 12 (72 cells) , with manual interconnection

Throughput of line

Calculation basis standerd moule (Glass – Eva – cells – Eva – Backsheetfoil)
Working hours /day                       24h
Working days / year                      365days
Cell /string                                     10  
Strings /module                               6 
Wafer power                                 4,2 Wp (6”)
Modules for lamination                   8 pcs
Production per year                        Depending on used Eva foil

The line results being composed of:

n.2 stringatori (stringer)
n.1 layup station
n.1 interconnection station 
n.1 software Module line
n.1 crossing
n.1 conveyor EVA1
n.1 conveyor 
n.1 conveyor EVA2
n.1 conveyor reject
n.3 diverter
n.1 laminatore (laminator)
n.1 edge trimmer
n.1 junction Box Assembly
n.1 framing unit
n.1 cleaning station
n.1 flasher
n.1 modul repair table
n.3 trolleys
2#2170 Nissan Tx4 - 20 forklift
Forklift wth frontal forks Nissan Tx4 - 20 serial number JAG1N1E720020 year 2013 with battery charger 

2941.2 working hours, in working order and compliant to CE safty regulation

Loading capacity: 2000 Kg

Free lift mt 4.75.

Spare key and spare wheel not availble

There are manuals for use, maintenance and the C.E.

 The good is located in Rho (MI).
1#2170 Lifter FLX 30/55 forklift
Forklift brand Lifter model FLX 30/55 2011 serial no LLI0038297 year 2011 with battery recharger

Only 184 working hours

Capacity 3000kg, triplex castle, transporter, forks length 1200mm.

Battery 80v - 40.

Spare key and spare wheel not available

Manual no available

The good is located in Rho (MI)
1#2169 Oil production plant
Complete oil production plant used for the production of oils derived from the processing of vegetable seeds and combustible pellets obtained from the scraps of the oil production.
The plant is located in Latina (LT) and covers an area of approximately 10 square meters and includes:

•	Central heating plant
•	Cleaning department
•	Dehydration department
•	Pressure department
•	Lamination department
•	Extraction department
•	Flour processing department
•	Refining department
•	Finished products storage department
•	Bottling department
•	Purifying department
•	Spare parts warehouse
•	Logistics department
•	Office department
•	Testing lab department
2#1987 Quarantena Washing Machine
Washing machine Horizontal QUARANTA Type QN4 - SL40 1300 - Line Left grinding - working - number 407 (RC No. 1 No. 29)
5#1987 Busetti grinding line
Linear PTO Belt Line BUSTTI Model Line P4 with Outbound Transmission Roller - Working - Number B511 (RC No. 1)
9#1987 Intermac shaping line
Line shaping brand INTERMAC mod. PROVETER with numerical control complete of this instrument and computer - working - ma-tricola number 91681 (RC No 1 on page 44)
19#1987 Giardina painting lines
GIARDINA painting line - serial number 200226/2 - (RC No. 1 on page 38). GIARDINA Painting Varnishing Line - (RC No. 1 on page 38). GIARDINA Painting Varnishing Line - (RC No. 1 on page 38). Paint line. GIARDINA Paint roller - model OPTI 25 / I SM25P + TCR - (RC No. 1 on page 38). Paint line. GIARDINA Paint roller - model OPTI 25 / I SM40P + TCR - (RC No. 1 on page 38). Paint line. GIARDINA Paint Roller - (RC No. 1 on page 38)
73#1062 Circular saw Altendorf
Circular saw Altendorf type F 45 n. 91-3-225 year 1991
62#1062 Drilling machine Hole Tronic
Drilling machine Hole Tronic Gmbn 2005 year with measuring roller gauges
52#1062 Drilling machine fianchi Maw
Drilling machine fianchi Maw type L- Db 2/8 number 41797/1 year 2002
19#1062 Machine Maw
Heavy Duty Moulder and Capstans (hats and platforms) machine for Maw with drill function, automatic plug-in and electronic pantograph
63#1062 Furniture assembling line Hole Tronic
Hole Tronic Gmbn complete assembly line consisting of: part loader, gauge, attachment holes and hinges, drawer guides, level plan warehouse, automatic glue, automatic stretch with rollers and carpets
3#1062 Angular panel sawing plant Euromac
Euromac angular sectional drive system, with Dos operating system, with forwarding cartridge and cutter with 15/20 possibility and cut with two max 400 blades and engravers with awning carpet Tomassini

Auction on line on Industrial Discount
25#1062 Cutting off machine Essepigi
Knitting machine Essepigi Contax for the cutting of the picture frames; year 1994
15#2068 E.A.M. CTE WJ CNC Water Jet Cutting Machine
E.A.M. CTE WJ CNC Water Jet Cutting Machine for marble, granite, metal and glass working. Overhauled with pump flow. Year 2012.
4#2068 Effechanica calibrator-sander
12-headed (8+4) calibrator-sander for marble and granite slabs; brand Effechanical model FLG 2200; year of construction 2013.
1#2109 Macchina da taglio Orox Flexo C350
1#2109 Orox Flexo C350 Cutting Machine

Orox Flexo C350 cutting machine with CE label, but lacking the certification that will have to be requested at the factory by the buyer's care and expenses.
1#2114 Namco NAM 10 CNC Wire Electrical Discharge Machine
Namco NAM 10 CNC Wire Electrical Discharge Machine, serial number KZ1001M-KZ1001A, year 2008.
110#19440 Sem Die Press
Sem Die Press

Sem Die Press 1200x1200 year 2000 With handling structure and Oleo-dynamic Control unit incorporated in the rear panel., control station located in the front area
106#19440 Cannon 4-heads High Pressure Metering Unit
Cannon 4-heads High Pressure Metering Unit

Machine with high pressure pumps, equipped with 4 groups of foaming heads type FPL 18 MP, single component flow: Min 90 cc/sec Max 550 cc/sec. 2 Pressurizable Steel Tanks of 330 lt cad., self-cleaning filters on the suction of dosing pumps, thermo-static with steel tube bundle heat exchangers.
4#1944 Belotti FLA 6532 TF 5-axis CNC Machining Center
Belotti FLA 6532 TF 5-axis CNC Machining Center.

Suspension bridge structure for 3d cutting of plastic material, thermoformed, fiberglass and similar also of high thickness.

Equipped with CNC, motors and full digital drives.

Revolver operating unit with 2 spindles from 2 kw and 2 spindles from 1 kw, quick tool Change 2 sec.
3#1944 Belotti RO4 5-axis CNC Machining Center
Belotti RO4 5-axis CNC Machining Center.

The robot has been adapted for cutting and drilling polyurethane covers and works with a twin cam engine 1 HP,cutters RPM 1000-24000/min, has a total weight of 4000 kg and an installed capacity of 12 Kva.

Axis travels:
x axis 2400mm
y axis 1000 mm
z-axis 500 mm
axis A 360° continuous
axis B 315°
The axis can slide
x and y axes are: 48mt/min
z-axis 34 Mt/min;
a-b axis: 220°/sec.
2#1944 Cannon High Pressure Metering Unit
Cannon High Pressure Metering Unit.
Maximum capacity 36 kg/min
2 pressurizable tanks 70/330 Lt.
ratio variation from 5:1 to 1:5
foaming head type FPL 14 with min. flow 50 cc/sec Max 300 cc/sec
DUEPI foam head support with jolly for vertical movement
14500mm longitudinal useful travel
3600mm transverse travel
vertical travel 1850mm
adjustable traverse speed 17 Mt/min.
1#1944 Cannon Power Forma Thermoforming Machine
Cannon Power Forma Thermoforming Machine

Type: Luce 3522
Serial number: T-170
Year of construction 2007
Power 285 kw, AMP 630, v 400, Hz 50

Apt for thermoform elements up to 3500mm x 2200mm and 1100mm of height. Upper and lower plates heated with ceramic and quartz thermal elements.
The machine is  adaptable for single and multiple plates and moulds.
It is equipped with 10 cooling fans, programmable for thermoforming of single prototype parts or for production in automatic series or for production cycles in small quantities in semiautomatic mode.
1#1748 Injection moulding press Bmb
1#1748 Injection press Machine BMB MC 270 model, serial number 610911, 1986, screw diameter 65 mm, maximum 650 mm thick mold, mold minimum thickness 200 mm, 850 x 850 mm size plans, passage columns 550 x 550 mm, air blows n ° 3 , accumulators No. 4, power 83 kw, dim. Overall dimensions 7200 x 1550 x h2300 mm approx, weight 14,000 kg.
8#1748 Injection moulding press Bmb
8#1748 Injection press Machine BMB MC 10 PI model, serial number 2990990, 1992, 45 mm screw diameter, maximum thickness of the mold 420 mm, minimum 120 mm thick mold, tables dimension 600 x 610 mm, passage columns 375 x 375 mm, air blows No. 3 batteries No. 2, 49,912 hours of work, micro processor ELSY 206N, power 42 kw, dim. overall dimensions 4800 x 1350 x H2050 mm approx, weight 5,500 kg
11#1748 Injection moulding press Sandretto
11#1748 Injection press Machine Sandretto 3 model GV-270, 1974, 6951 year, Euromap 1070-270, screw diameter 70 mm, passage columns 450 x 450 mm, size 730 x 700 mm, length 7880 mm Press
2#1872 3D measuring machine Wenzel
Three-dimensional measuring machine Wenzel Smart CMM, Serial Number: 044027, year: 2004 full head Renishaw PH10M and computers.

The good is located in Varallo Sesia (VC)
4#1872 3D measuring machine Poli
Three-dimensional measuring machine Poli Mod. TCX.

The good is located in Quarona (VC)
1#2038 Iemme Wave soldering machine serie Argo F 500
No. 1 Iemme Wave soldering machine serie Argo F 500 serial number 0021AS2014 year 2014.

User and maintenance manual not available
4#1277 Testing machine Leonardo
Leonardo automatic machine for dimensional control out of line , 2006
1#1375 Doors painting line
Doors painting line - constructor: Cemaimpianti s.r.l. - serie: IVML - serial number: 00281 - year: 2002. 

22#1242 Bending machine Arco
Universal bending machine Arc , model MC P32 5X3 , 1998
4#1029 Sawing machine Friggi
Sawing FRIGGI King . 3191 CE hydraulic control unit 2004 ( cut tubes to size + complete cutting line of hydraulic unit and via loading and unloading rollers . State of the property : sufficient.
1#1222 Machinery to produce electronical devices for telecommunications
Machinery to produce electronical devices for telecommunications
5#1277 Testing machine MDM
Macchina di precisione tridimensionale per controlli e misurazioni MDM, Anno 2000
1#1422 Granite polishing machine Barsanti
Granite polishing machine Barsanti Machines, serie GSE - C 220-20, serial number 30050-001, year 2011.

During the inspection the property is seen working and in good state of maintenance.
There were no mechanical or electrical damage.
The machine has been working for 1553 hours.
During the inspection it was noticed discrepancies between the CE plate of the good that brings year 2011 and the statement of compliance provided by Barsanti reporting year 2012.
User manual and maintenance not available.
 Infustatrice antitorsionale per fili in acciaio marca ZT s.r.l. modello PPM 80 matricola YR 12198 anno 2012 comprensiva di svolgitore ZT tipo DPM80 Il bene consente la formazione di una macchina atta all’ infustaggio (inserimento dei fili all’ interno di fusti) di fili in acciaio. In particolare il filo viene inserito all’ interno di fusti per la formazione di bobine con una tecnica che permette che durante la fase di svolgimento del filo (per il suo utilizzo) il filo estratto dal fusto si presenti senza elica residua e non deformato. La macchina è poi dotata di uno svolgitore che svolge la bobina di filo che deve essere infustato. Sono poi presenti vari elementi di carpenteria metallica quali scale e pedane e una rulliera a folle.
 N.1 Macchina piegatrice marca Schechtl, anno 2005, mod. UKV200/S-11275
Pressa oleodinamica Pressa oleodinamica 200T.