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What went through your mind when you first saw you on the Madden cover?
While four consecutive titles in the sectional championship would set a school record however, the Vikings still have some way to go to be a solid postseason potential contender. "I don't know since there is still room for growth. I'm hoping that we will become an effective team doing this.

I don't think we're there yet," Bales said of the team's chance at the sectional championship. "We've got to learn how be better at defending ... make sure not to make mistakes that don't have to be forced. This means we have some work to work on, and definitely (a part-time title) is where we'd like to finish."

The Vikings ultimately will take them as far as Madden takes them. Madden entered the season with a score of 1,000 points, and she averaged about a 16-point double-double over the past two seasons and could soon break 1,000 career rebound.

Madden has been the key component in the Blue River's return to the playoffs and Blue River's win on Tuesday night victory of 77-63 against Wapahani (4-2) demonstrated her importance. She notched 27 points, 12 of which came in the fourth period that was the key to stopping the Raiders coming back efforts and was dominant throughout the game from both ends.

Madden has been asked to play more this season. Her role as primarily an interior player is being increased as she's allowed to occasionally, play on the perimeter too and perform more shooting and playmaking.

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Most basic farming patches in RuneScape are allotments
To take part in the minigame, you must be able to complete at least five quests from the below list. Most straightforward are Tree Gnome Village, The Grand Tree, Fight arena, Vampire Slayer, Lost City. There are also more than 20 other quests that can be completed and each of them unlocks a new boss to take on at the point of conflict.

NMZ was created through Dominic Onion. It was many years before Dominic was awoken by a vision in which he spotted a magnificent structure where he was the one in charge of amazing profitable business. After waking up, in the morning, he decided to inform his Dad about it.

He did nothing but look at the poor Dominic who had promised himself that He will discover what the meaning of the dream. He went to school for Oneiromancy at Lunar Isle trying to find the location of the tower in the dreams. Since he had run out of money , he retreated to Yanille where he opened an organization that sold dreams. The name "Nightmare Zone" was not designed by Dominic because that's what the people from Yanille described it as.

There are three different modes : endurance, practice and the rumble. Practice - This mode was specifically designed for people who are entering Nightmare Zone for the first time will be able to see what the game involves. The bosses in this mode are easy to defeat and don't offer any experience. There also is no payment fee for entry and quests are the primary requirements.

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