Company Last Update: Jun 9, 2017
Name Schiavi Macchine International Srl
Responsible Maurizio Zinetti, managing director
Locations Italy
Phone +39 335219331
Description is the industry leader in press break manufacturing, building over 14,000 innovative press breaks since 1958.

Press Brake LineAr – Undeformable bending strengt
line of big machines, designed for the processing of sheet metal of large dimensions and thicknesses. LineAr press brakes are synonym of great strength and excellent bending quality. The bending precision is guaranteed without any external crowning systems. The rigorous centering and alignment of the beams, is ensured by 4 pairs of bearings (upper and lower), placed at great distance, that slide on treated and rectified steel tracks. The CNC control offers the possibility of determining, memorizing and controlling the necessary parameters required the realize the bend; this procedure guarantees an automated bending process and the affidability of the press brake. 
Press Brake HFBx – High precision
represents the most advanced model in the automation of the bending process. The HFBx model is a high performance press brake, characterized by a large stroke (500 mm) and the daylight opening (up to 1000 mm) between the beams.
Press Brake BSTs – Simplicity and safety
are designed for customers that need basic processing, but can not give up the guarantee of the company's technology. Special attention was given to safety features: with the objective of reaching high production standards.
HFBs – Bend with absolute precision
represents the most advanced model in the automation of the bending process. The HFBs model allows companies operating in sheet metal industry to increase their competitiveness, by combining a dedicated hydraulic system and a CNC control software of the latest generation.