Company Last Update: Aug 7, 2017
Name OFEC S.r.l.
Responsible Walter Moretti
Locations Italy
Phone 0564 594036
Description è presente sul mercato nazionale ed internazionale dai primi anni '60. L'azienda è tra i leaders mondiali nel settore dei macchinari per la lavorazione del legno ed in particolare nei settori delle contornatrici e delle fresatrici, nonché di macchine particolari derivate da tali categorie.

Contornatrici > Contouring Pentax
A special machining centre, designed for the production of composite material sinks. The machine simultaneously performs 4 types of processing essential for sink finishing, limiting the machine time not to the sum of the times of the individual processes but to the longest machining time.  Fully cabined, it emphasises the careful and dedicated research, referring to the active and passive safety man-machine safety. Excellent set-up times, configurable for the general machining of other materials: wood, marble, plastic, light alloys etc.
Contornatrici > Contouring System
In the early sixties, OFEC was founded and the first rotary table contouring machine was built. Over the years there have been numerous models and developments including the most recent Contouring System. This is a modular configuration that, according to production needs, is divided into 4 main platforms with simple geometry:

Fresatrici > PF 250-T
Numerical control work centre for wood and plastics, consisting of a high strength tubular mobile portal base. Closed bridge structure with Gantry Axis Movement, milling head and head groups for additional machining, boring etc. Automatic integrated tool changer device and conveyed underneath, milling head, double-stage work surface with length-stops. Dynamic handling and latest generation electronics.
Fresatrici > PF 430 DH
High production line for panel processing, served by an automated loading system, with service roller conveyor islands for panel pack holding. Powerful milling machine with independent "double Y", sturdy saddle structure, supporting the head groups: milling head, bore head (served by rotary gear), nail head (for 2 twin and independent groups entirely managed by Cnc). All the systems are managed by latest generation Cnc and by high profile software, complete with mobile consoles, easy-to-program Teach Pendant keyboard, it is ideal for Just-in-Time processing.
Fresatrici > PF 480 PLEX
Numerical control work centre for wood, plastics and light alloys, high strength tubular mobile portal; heat treatment of the welded structures to ensure maximum stability over time. The Z axis group, consisting of a structure that is completely alloy aluminium with L configuration, fitted with high precision sliding guides and served by a ball recirculation screw with preloaded nut for recovery of the clearance in directional change. Two pneumatic cylinders also guarantee counterbalancing of the weights.
Macchine Speciali > Portale lavorazione plastiche
A 5-axis portal for plastics processing, special steel structure in standardised steel, dimensioned via finite element calculation software, it was designed to ensure lightness, rigidity and performance. It is part of the OFEC mission relating to those areas of the market that require a one-off special solution. It is suitable for insertion on existing systems/machines and will greatly increase the production of single portal systems.

X-axis travel (according to the existing back side)
Y axis travel 5000 mm
Z axis travel 2500 mm
Birotactive head HSK A63 KW 15
Electric spindle Rpm 24,000
Macchine Speciali > Roller Mack
Milling machine/contouring machine for superimposed panel processing.
The ROLLER-MACK design is the result of the need to work superimposed panels, combining the linear cutting capabilities of a cutting machine with the high-speed cutting of a milling machine.
Designed to hold superimposed materials with excellent production times, it is able to "cut" overlapping chipboard, masonite, multilayers, MDF, etc. with excellent precision and finishing.
It is part of the range of low-power machines as, due to the original piece gripping idea, it does not require large and powerful vacuum systems.
Using digital electronics, ROLLER-MACK is undoubtedly a major innovation in the wood milling machine industry.
LPF 5028 HF-F
A high production line for panel processing, served by an automated loading system, with service roller conveyor for panel pack holding.

A powerful milling machine with independent "dual Y/Z", supporting the head groups:

N2 milling heads (served by rotary gear)

N2 bore heads and nail heads for 2+2 twin and independent groups operated by C.N.C.

The 5000x2500 mm work plane is entirely made of aluminium alloy.
Nata per la foratura di listelli, completamente programmabile, può eseguire asolature e ciechi, riesce a forare fino a 3 listelli sovrapposti grazie ad uno speciale dispositivo pneumatico per la tenuta dei pezzi che la rende veloce, precisa e facilmente programmabile. Per il cambio gamma è dotata di pulsante di sblocco portautensili quindi velocissima nel cambio misura. Robusta, affidabile e di dimensioni contenute rientra nella fascia tipica di macchine speciali di produzione.
Centro di lavoro a controllo numerico per legno, Configurazione assi ad isole ortogonali e stazioni a balzo, su cui scorrono teste di lavoro principali. Tavola di lavoro rotante su centro asse macchina, con montaggio ortogonale di n° 4 stazioni/platorelli di lavoro rotanti gestiti da CNC. Castello strutturale per ancoraggio pressori pneumatici e collettori aspirazione polveri di lavorazione. Quadro elettrico di potenza (dotato di condizionatore aria) separato dalla macchina a norme CE, con comando di programmazione, tastiera e monitor montanti su consolle separata.