Company Last Update: Sep 2, 2020
Name Taizhou Shuanghao Plastic Mould Co.,Ltd.
Responsible semimoulding
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Description Taizhou Shuanghao Plastic Mould Co.,Ltd. is committed to providing turnkey solutions for plastic packaging industry. We are specialized in designing and manufacturing plastic cap mold, PET preform mold, blowing mold. Our factory has been one of the most professional manufacturers, supplier and maker specializing in designing and producing bottle cap molds at home and abroad through our efforts.

Cap folding machine
Machine main structure: Sorting bin(Vibrating disk or Centrifugal pan), Channel, Die heads for folding and slitting, Holder, Blade, Heater for blade.
Vibrating disk: when the design of cap is: Diameter<Height, the cap can not stand well and it will be fallen. It need the vibrating disk to arrange the cap fixed direction.
Centrifugal pan: when the design of cap is: Diameter>Height, the cap can stand well and it will not be fallen. It only use the centrifugal pan to arrange the cap fixed direction is OK.
Installed electrical power: 1.2KW/Absorbed electrical power: 0.8KW
Compression air consumption: 0.6m3/h.
Cap diameter and height: Can be customized.
Bigger cap and small cap both can be designed to be slitted.
Cap folding slitting machine speed(28mm size): 6die heads: 20,000-22,000pcs/hour. 8die heads: 28,000-30,000pcs/hour.
Additional device: Counter, Safety window or Heater
Cap folded slitted by cap folding slitting machine: Because the cap is demoulded with tamper band outside, we should fold the outward tamper evident band inside then slit the tamper evident band.