Company Last Update: Aug 24, 2020
Name Xiwei Elevator Jiangsu Co., Ltd.
Responsible xiweielevator
Locations Chad
Phone +86-571-89187560
Description XIWEI Elevator Jiangsu Co., Ltd. is affiliated to XIWEI Elevator Group Subsidiary. Total investment is 38 million USD,the headquarter is located in the beautiful ancient city at Sishui River — Siyang of Jiangsu covers an area of 120,000 m².equipped with 6000 m² office building and a test tower of 87 m high. Its first -stage production workshop covers 30000 m² with 20000 pieces of annual production capacity. XIWEI introduced advanced elevator and escalator production and assembly process as well as scientific management system to ensure the progressiveness, safety & stability, low failure rate and long service life of its product. XIWEI has passed multiple QS certification such as ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001.

Car Elevator
With the adoption of high-efficient bevel gear traction machine and AC variable speed control drag system, XIWEI car elevator can meet the requirements of high, medium and low floor parking space. The stable statically indeterminate steel structure system can withstand the great offset load force and impact force resulted from car' sin and out of elevator, good ventilation design creates fresh air inside the elevatorcar and pleasant mood!

Two car operation panels can be set in the car cabin, the driver can operate the elevator even he doesn't get off his car.
Special circuit control and display system is convenient not only for the driver in elevator cabin but also for the driver waiting outside the elevator.
Safety guide device can be set in the elevator car platform, which make sure the elevator and the car is safe.
The elevator cabin can have two entrances, which guaranteed the safety of the car while passing in and out.