Company Last Update: Aug 5, 2020
Name Hangzhou Lizhan Hardware Co., Ltd.
Responsible carrie
Locations China
Phone 86-13968092329
Description As a famous China Machine Screws Manufacturers and Machine hand tool suppliers,Hangzhou Lizhan Hardware Co., Ltd. have own factory and 2 CNC machining factories,we also have our own international sales department. We produce and sell Machine Screws by ourselves.
The company mainly provides 3 series of projects, including fasteners, Socket Sets, and high-speed steel Drill bits , we are constantly developing a product step higher than our competitors
We have 50 sets production machines. And our annual production capacity is over 7,000 tons.

phillips drive bugle head drywall screw black phosphated coarse thread3
RECESS: Philips,Square,Torx

DIA:#6-3.5 #8-4.2 #10-4.8 #12-5.5 #14-6.3

HEAD:bugle head

LENGTH:#6,#7,#8-7.9-8.4 #10 8.6-9.2 #12,#14-11.8-12.4



Surface:black phosphate ,zinc plated ,Yellow Zinc plated, Dacromet, Ruspert, Magni

Thread:fine thread coarse thread
Plastic Fasteners Home Tool
Plastic Fasteners Home Tool LZ000RD000033

Electrical tape    1PC
Slot screwdriver    1PC
Cross screwdriver    1PC
scissors    1PC
Utility knife    1PC
Test pencil    1PC
Ratchet handle    1PC
Sleeve     10PCS
Wrench    1PC
Claw hammer    1PC
Combination pliers    1PC
Bits    10PCS
Two meter measuring tape    1PC