Company Last Update: Apr 29, 2021
Name Mercury Auctions s.r.l.
Responsible Gabriele Poffa
Locations Italy
Phone +39 0307751645
Description Mercury Auctions S.r.l. is the outcome of the joint project of a group of lively entrepeneurs determinated to improve the sale process of Italian insolvency and liquidation Proceedings, aiming to extend their economic potential and to maximise the competition between potential buyers.

The company merges years of experience with second hand assets and vehicles and the professionalism gained as providers of services to trustees in bankruptcies, joined with the ideological and technical drive of its youngest collaborators.

The company mission has a double meaning, dictated by the desire to consolidate and demonstrate the professionalism in the field of public auctions sales management.

As a result of its strong management team, a global marketing strategy enhanced by a pervasive use of technology and its young and dynamic team, Mercury Auctions S.r.l. is capable to ensure to both sellers and buyers an high quality and satisfactory service.

Fixed bed milling machine FPT
Fixed bed milling machine FPT
Model: Spazio 1500
Serial nr B96060
Year: 1996
Table dimension: 1.700x750 mm
Adjustable stroke: Long: 1.500, Trasv: 800, Vert: 1.000 mm
Machine without PLC control Haindehain.
Machine out of service.

From a bankrupted foundry in Brescia
Die casting presses Idra
Used machinery from the Industrie Pasotti foundry including:
- CBF 1500 and Marconi MT X 500 melting furnace;
- 9 Idra die casting presses of the following models:
Idra OL600S
Idra OL420IE 1211
Idra OL320
Idra OL420/500 I
Idra OL560 III
Idra OL700/800 III
- Pipe assembly machines with Kawasaki and Toshiba robots
- Drum processing machines with Saip transfer and ABB robot
- Test and assembly benches
- Testing office with furniture, DEA Swift machinery
- Testing office with DEA Global machinery
Radial drilling machine Itama and metal scrap
No. 1 radial drilling machine Itama model t40/900r serial no. 3582 year 2000. including support structure.
Various metal scrap, bar sections. metal materials deposited in the yard, raw or semifinished
material. (excluding cantilevers)
Material in the de-oiling plant room. Excluding the shelf: pipes, transmission belts,
various lubricants, used motors, various wheels, compressed air pipes, four 25 kg bags of cement.
Fixed bed milling machine Pentamac
Fixed bed milling machine Pentamac
Model sc-5pe
Serial nr 23024
Year 2003

From a bankrupted foundry in Brescia