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Name Those who enjoy playing Madden 23 franchise mode
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Description Some people love management systems and enjoy seeing if they can turn around a team. Others enjoy playing the game of football and seeing what they can accomplish with the players they have. Everyone is different and once the why is known it defines a clearer path to enjoyment.

Those who enjoy playing Madden 23 franchise mode with friends understand that online is the only choice. For those hopping in for a single-player experience, there comes a choice of going with an online or offline league. Each has its benefits and drawbacks, but for most people the best option is online.

Sure, accessing the mode when the internet or EA account functionality is down is only possible in offline mode, but that also means players lose access to tuning updates the game receives over time. These aren't just gameplay adjustments, as former entries in the annual NFL simulation series saw drastic changes to systems and mechanics in franchise mode such as the scouting system.

Whether stacking stats or building a competitive roster is the focus of one's Madden 23 franchise mode commitment, it's important to analyze and study the roster of the chosen team in order to know what can be improved on. A major thing is understanding depth and knowing when and how to move on from players that are wanting to be overpaid, or aging veterans who are quickly declining in quality of play.

Leaning into strengths like running a pass-heavy offense with a loaded pool of receivers and an offensive line that excels in pass blocking can drastically change the trajectory of a team and doesn't take a whole ton of research and focus on the part of the player.

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