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Name The game will begin today with the Oasis Restoration
Status New
Type Broaching machines
Price unknown
Description They will include limitations on the amount of GP which is also known as gold factors that players can put on an item inside in the Duel Arena. It is possible for players to wager "no more than 50m GP in keeping with duel". Further measures have now no more been mentioned as a matter of fact.

Jagex states that "a recent game that's an integral part of the ongoing Elder God Wars storyline" will update Duel Arena at the beginning of 2022, however no in other details had been provided but.

While the results of those modifications will be evident however, they are some of the most effective measures any studio has attempted to defend against outside misuse of its structure for a real-world economic advantage. If they are successful, similar actions could be seen throughout the MMO area in destiny.

Jagex has announced that at 18 years after it was the battleground for PvP, Duel Arena could be being removed from RuneScape and a brand new area could be introduced. RuneScape is preparing to unveil Het's Oasis and features an entirely new scenery, new techniques for gaining skills as well as new mini-quests that players can play.

The game will begin today with the Oasis Restoration, players could be assigned the task of transforming the appearance of the Duel Arena following a cataclysmic earthquake that devastated the vicinity. Participants will need to draw in a group to showcase the devastation of the region from "a bloody fighting pit where heroes have for a long time invested their money in one-on-1 battle, to the tranquility of a peaceful oasis."

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