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Description Yes there is a reason why the Packers have a shot at the top spot (even considering that I think they're bound to suffer a major shock this weekend) and have been all season. Green Bay hasn't had a playoff game yet but they're home-field advantage throughout the season and have demonstrated in 16 games that they are the best teams in this league. It's true that the Packers have flaws and the saying goes 'any given Sunday', however, Green Bay merits the top spot until someone proves they're superior. In the moment, the only team that has an argument over their Packers will be the ....

Drew Brees and Co. are at another level. They've never lost since October. They've scored 42 or more points in the last four games. Brees as well as the other members of the offensive are shattering certain Madden NFL 23 record-setting performances this season. In short this season, the Saints are doing enough to compete with anyone in the current situation.

New Orleans has lost their head to head matchup with the Packers in the first week of the year, therefore they can't argue that they're better , however they could be in a position to face the Packers next time which, if it happens, would be at Green Bay in a couple weeks. That will determine, one and all the question of whether the NFC belongs to the Saints or the Packers.

Ravens are the No. 2 seed in AFC. Ravens hold the. #2 seed of the AFC and I've ranked them around the Patriots as the No. 1 seed. I believe that Baltimore is more of a complete team and prepared for January football more then New England will be. The Ravens have shown more Ravens this year as they've defeated six playoff teams this season and come from the top division in football in comparison to the Patriots, who didn't defeat the team that finished with a winning record. Two years ago , a 9-7 Ravens team defeated their Patriots during the wild Card game. If they face each other again I'm sure Baltimore will prevail.

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