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Name This year's Madden NFL 23 playoffs move into the divisional
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Description For the truly degenerate betting odds have been set on whether Madden NFL 23 Network presenter Rich Eisen can run above or below a 6.05 40-yard dash. Eisen has been known for his famous run of the same drill each year at the combine in his uniform and shoes. He achieved a new personal record in 2013 with a speed in the range of 5.98 seconds.

This year's Madden NFL 23 playoffs move into the divisional round this weekend following four teams get eliminated during Saturday's Wild Card game. All byes in the opening round ended now , and every team remaining in the postseason is scheduled to play on either Saturday or Sunday.

The Green Bay Packers were the No. number one team in our Madden NFL 23 power ranking for the entire season. This was a position they kept fighting for and it's only logical to begin with them when we enter the playoffs edition of our Madden NFL 23 power rankings.

Yes indeed, the Packers are at the top position (even although I'm convinced they're bound to suffer a major shock this weekend) This is where they've been all the way through the season. Green Bay hasn't had a playoff game, but they've had home field advantage throughout and have proven in 16 games that they are the top football team on the field. The Packers have their flaws, and it's true that they're not perfect on "any Sunday", however, Green Bay merits the top place until someone proves they're superior. In the moment, the only team that could have an argument with Packers is Packers will be the ....

Drew Brees and Co. have reached a new level. They've never lost since October. They've scored more than 42 points in the last four games. Brees and the rest of the offensive are breaking the record books of Madden NFL 23 record-setting performances this year. In short it's clear that the Saints have the ability to beat anyone right now.

New Orleans has lost their head to head game against Packers Packers in the beginning of the year, therefore they don't have the argument that they're better but they may be in a position to face the Packers in the future, which, if they do, will be at Green Bay in a couple weeks. It will be decided at last which team in the NFC belongs to the Saints or Packers.

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