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Name Diablo Immortal which Torchlight Infinite may be compared
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Type Boring machines
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Description Torchlight Infinite will not sell gear or crafting materials with real money, Heng said. Those materials will "strictly to be obtained through grinding" to guarantee fairness for everyone. Heng said his intention that Torchlight Infinite won't have any stamina or fitness meters which limit progress of players, and said players will have the "freedom to begin and stop their grinds at will."

It's an arduous decision to make. Diablo Immortal, which Torchlight Infinite may be compared to, was heavily critiqued at its debut due to its pay-to-win system, even as it reportedly made over $50 million in the first month of. More recently players have complained about the way in which Diablo Immortal's MMO structure penalizes gamers who play by themselves, and many inability to find the extra players needed to finish the raids or dungeons required for progress.

When asked about learnings XD Inc. has learned about Diablo Immortal's release, Heng didn't mention the microtransactions that caused controversy in the game However, he did say that many of the issues with Diablo Immortal resulted from a failure to manage expectations of players.

"From our perspective, we believe that the general public was the most upset about their expectations regarding how Diablo Immortal was presented as an ARPG game, but the game was launched as the ARPG MMO" Heng said.

Heng added that Diablo Immortal's progression systems and build options are much less limiting than Diablo as a result which may have confused players looking for the traditional Diablo experience. "If the game did not use its Diablo IP the performance would have been quite different, in our view," Heng said.

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