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Name The #Broncos are negotiating an agreement with the Packers
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Description This was first reported on Wednesday. the ESPN's Kimberly A. Martin said on Get Up! she'd heard that the idea of Rodgers being traded to the Broncos was taking off.

"Recently I've been hearing more about the possibility that Aaron is interested in going to Denver. When the right stars are aligned and maybe Nathaniel Hackett ends up there, or maybe Luke Getsy, his passing game coordinator and quarterbacks coach from Green Bay goes there, could we expect to see Aaron be in Denver?"

In all the friction Rodgers has had with the Packers organization, there is his respect for Hackett. Hackett, 42. has been with Green Bay since 2019. and Rodgers has been said to believe that Hackett was instrumental in taking his skills to the next level. Therefore, when it was an opportunity for Denver to pick an interim head coach it was ... this was an interesting development.

The #Broncos are negotiating an agreement with the Packers OC Nathaniel Hackett to make him their new head coach according to sources.Contract discussions heated up on Wednesday night. The #Jaguars planned to interview Hackett for a second time on Thursday. But instead, Denver lands its top choice.

We now have over two years' worth of gossip of Rodgers moving to Denver And then the team chooses one of his favorite football people to head the team. To top it off, we have this seemingly casual announcement from a couple of weeks ago that the Broncos have interviewed Luke Getsy, the Packers quarterback coordinator.

There is no doubt that many teams would look at the Packers and , at a minimum, kick the tires on their coaches due to their recent accomplishments. It's possible that this could just be a chance, but it's also an assortment of events that lend the idea some credence. The question is how does this scenario make sense for anyone? This is where the situation gets more complex.

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