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Name The FIFA you play during October will not be the same
Status New
Type Bending rolls
Price unknown
Description The FIFA you play during October will not be the same as the one you'll play August the next year, as can be seen in the post-launch tweaking that is carried out by EA as players find out the game's strengths and weaknesses. However, right now, there's a very fluidity to how FIFA 23 plays, with the smoother movement and precise using the sprint button giving you more time and space than last year's slightly congested matches.

The team is better at searching for spaces to offer you passing options. This can help you be patient in attacking, but you still need to keep a good pace to get through an organised defense. It is apparent that players are more responsive to the movements of the left stick by itself and gives you greater control both on and off the ball. Additionally, you can make long, sweeping passes more confidently.

The most obvious addition to your arsenal of attacking weapons, however, is the brand new power shot that does exactly what it claims on the packaging. You must press both shoulder buttons as you shoot and the player who is in control will launch an explosive shot that appears like it's going to rip someone's head off.

When you're in a one-on-one situation with the 'keeper this will definitely increase your chances of scoring. However, aiming changes to fully manual as you're in the middle and it is easy to slash them to throw them in if you're not sure.

They also take longer be able to get off than regular shots, which gives defenders more time to block and then the camera will zoom into a small amount to inform your opponent about what you're up to, meaning that they're far away from scoring.

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