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Name The Madden NFL 23 team is considering an increased presence
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Description The Madden NFL 23 team is considering an increased presence in London, with Madden NFL 23 UK Director of Operations Alistair Kirkwood revealing to the Telegraph that the Madden NFL 23 is in talks to bring a third regular season game to Wembley Stadium for 2014. After the next season, the Madden NFL 23 may also be thinking about providing London the possibility of a permanent Madden NFL 23 franchise. According to Atwood the plan to bring a Madden NFL 23 team in the United States "could be completed prior to the end of the decade."

There are currently two teams in the Madden NFL 23 currently plays two games at Wembley Stadium every season. The first game is scheduled for this weekend between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Minnesota Vikings, with two teams from the Jacksonville Jaguars and San Francisco 49ers matching up on Oct. 27th in London.

In the last news on the subject, Madden NFL 23 commissioner Roger Goodell suggested that the Jaguars could play two "home" games at Wembley, instead of just one. The league also reiterated its desire to establish an operation in London because of the acclaim American football has received in the UK. The logistical challenges are evident. Travel expenses would be massive for supporters, and travel times could be a problem for players. There are some doubts about whether the long-term viability of this game in a country that is obsessed with soccer also.

More Madden NFL 23 matches to the calendar, maybe an Super Bowl, or moving an Madden NFL 23 franchise over to London would assist Wembley renew corporate seat packages which are set to expire in 2017. The profits of the stadium fell in 2012 due to the popularity of Olympics Summer Olympics as well as the fact that Wembley did not host a Champions League final last year. The Stadium is looking to clean up its annual calendar of events and adding more Madden NFL 23 games would be beneficial.

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