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Name Madden 22 decided to choose Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes
Status New
Type Bending machines
Price unknown
Description Placed at cornerback, this card has the following abilities: Man-to-Man (x2) Zone (x2) and Hybrid. A young star still striving to make his mark as a member of the New York Giants after his first year in the Jaguars, Collin Johnson gets to play 99 OVR this time.

This ultra-powerful card has 99 in Jumping as well as Spectacular Catch. Additionally, he's equipped with Deep Threat (x2), Physical, Route Runner, and Slot capabilities.

Prepare yourself in anticipation of the Field General as this insane Matt Ryan card is bringing the fire with its Throw Power, Throw Accuracy Medium and Throw Deep, along with Throw On The Run all at 99 rating.

He's also got top of the line abilities with Field General (x2) Improviser, Scrambler as well as Strong Arm all of which are slot machines.

Mike Evans (SS) - 99 OVR Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Another pivotal move, devastating big-man player Mike Evans gets to head towards defense to become the team's Strong Safety offering Run Support in this Golden Ticket card.

On top of his 99-point rating in Tackle and power, Evans is also a Run Support (x3) and Hybrid (x2) capabilities.

A.J. Dillon (HB) A.J. Dillon (HB) OVR A.J. Dillon (HB) - 99 OVR Green Bay Packers

Last but certainly not least We have the 24 year old running back entering his third season with the Green Bay Packers.

It's a version Dillon is as good as you can get when it comes to Ultimate Team with 99 in Transporting, Catching, and Trucking, and Break Tackle as well as Receiving (x3) and Elusive (x2) abilities.

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