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Type Bending rolls
Price unknown
Description Every time a player is successful in during a match of PvP they are rewarded with some Coins of Courage. It doesn't matter if players participate in Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, or Team Elimination as each type of match rewards its winners with coins. However, those looking to earn even more should try to climb the PvP ladder of rank. The higher their ranking, the better the amount of money they can earn. Of course, participants have to participate in games before they are able to gain access to the ranked fights.

Players shouldn't think they can guarantee a win or even Coins of Courage by waltzing into the arena sporting a max-level character. It's a fact that in Lost Ark, every PvP participant is handed a separate character to customize in any way they wish. Each dueling character is at the same level, and are similar in terms and capabilities (different classes aside, of course) The only method to win PvP battles and Coins of Courage, is with sheer skill and perhaps an element of luck.

You should also know that players will only be able to receive Coins of Courage from PvP matches if their item level is higher than 302. Otherwise, they will receive Tenacious Coins.

As with other currencies in Lost Ark, Coins of Courage offer their own dedicated vendors The Quartermasters, who are a fixture around the PvP arenas. However the Quartermasters NPCs currently don't have any items for sale. Many players believe Quartermasters have ties to the upcoming PvP season and probably will not offer anything until the PvP season is over later in the month.

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