Machine Last Update: Jun 5, 2022
Name Regardless of whether you can make a magnificent group in the NBA draft
Status New
Type Boring machines
Price unknown
Description For those who like getting free stuff and do not have to put in any effort, a new locker code is now available. It can be used up until May 13. Using the code MyTEAM-SUPERNOVA-CARDS-HFA77 will grant players the choice between one Supernova Pack, one Diamond Shoe Pack, or five tokens.

NBA 2K22 gives locker codes weekly and offers players seven days to redeem them to receive some very valuable packs of units. 2K Games is also working alongside the NBA and is releasing locker codes during broadcasts of certain NBA Playoff match.

NBA 2K22 Announces Takeoff Series 4 Pack, Semifinals Playoff Agenda. The second round of the NBA Playoffs rolls on, NBA 2K22 has new Playoff Agenda challenges, as well as an updated Takeoff Series and Locker Code are now available. With the premier round of NBA Playoffs reaching its conclusion.

NBA 2K22 rolls out new content for its next round as well as revealing some advantages for players who participated in the first series. Participants who participated in the first NBA 2K22 Playoff Agenda now are aware of the players will be available after the time they complete those tasks.

A brand new release of the Takeoff series also made its way onto the market, giving players the chance to win some of the most exciting new cards on the market. 2K Games continues to release new content for its player base and there's never a shortage of ways to boost rosters for MyTeam which gives everyone a good chance at competing for prizes.

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