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Description This year's Super Bowl prediction is a little different than the previous years. In a bizarre choice, EA did not frame the prediction as a straightforward simulation match which was featured in Madden nfl 22. Instead, it presented it as a prediction based on the Great Marshawn, a promotional crossover between retired the running back and Marshawn Lynch.

Although the video does show some Madden nfl 22 gameplay, it's possible that a game did not take place this year and that the prediction was done in some other way.RELATED: NFL Legend John Madden has passed away Regardless, the prediction is confirmed.

The Great Marshawn declares his prediction for this season's Super Bowl result is the Cincinnati Bengals defeating the Los Angeles Rams with a score of 24 to 22. The game will be played on Sunday, Bengals quarterback Jack Burrow is predicted to throw over 300 yards while the Bengals pick-six becoming one of the major factors in the match.

It's obvious, but the Madden prediction is not an accurate simulation. Fans of betting on football will likely have the same odds or even better of getting a correct prediction by flipping the coin. However, the Madden prediction has not been right three times over the past five years, or half of the past 10 years.

The Madden prediction did predict Super Bowl 49's New England Patriots win with exact precision.This this year's Madden nfl 22 , prediction is no either. This is purely for fun and not something to take too seriously. Perhaps that's why EA made the decision to frame this year's Super Bowl prediction as a Tarot reading by Marshawn Lynch rather than praising the excellence in Madden nfl 22's simulation.

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