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It is important to avoid passing certain checkpoints. If, for instance, you are planning to create a Pure that is particularly Ranged, make sure to increase the stat while keeping your melee performance low. If you'd like to sneak in a special attack of Granite Maul into it take 50 in Attack and Strength but nothing more than that. Also, you will require at least 43 Prayer for defensive prayers like Protect From Melee. The more tools and special attack options you have, the more your combat level will increase So always be aware of the levels you're looking for.

As Combat Pure Combat Pure, you always need to determine at the beginning which abilities are more critical to your character than those of the other. By reducing certain skills greatly reduces the Combat Level of character that makes it easier to defeat. You don't want to make your melee training too quickly as it can impact the ability of you to strike in large numbers, and it gives your adversaries much more time to recover energy through food.

It is why Defence, Hitpoints, and Prayer are the ones at the at a lower level. It is hard to estimate what skills are the most essential, so it's entirely up to the player's preference what skills to leave at a low level and which to max. If you're deciding to go with it, remember that the lower your proficiency is, the easier opponents to fight and therefore, the more successful you will be.

When it comes to the most under-reported stat, it's usually Defence that isn't essential for PVP. The higher the defence level, the lesser is the likelihood of landing an attack that is successful. However, this doesn't limit the amount of damage you're able to inflict. This is also the reason for your ability to wear protective gear. You'll not be able to wear a high-quality armor or helmet without meeting the Defense level requirement. It's the most crucial element since better equipment could decrease the amount of damage that you take.

Why is Defence less significant than the abilities that deal with damage? It's because, apart from Defence skill, you also have the Hit Points attribute which determines the level of health that you possess. If your health points are high, you might survive much even with the first level of Defence skill. With a high level in the primary combat stat (either Attack, Magic, or Ranged), you will be able finish your opponent prior to him finishing you.

Another statistic that is frequently cut is Prayer. It is important to get it up to 99 level is not as important as other skills since you'll get the most useful prayers at the level 43, which is Protect From Melee and Protect From the Ranged, and Protect from Magic.

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