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Name The NBA 2K games have become the basketball game that has defined the last decade
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Description To begin a pick-and roll, hold L1 (LB when using Xbox) as you point towards which player you'd like take to the pick. It is important to be patient. If you're not able to see the switch and you don't have a lane, don't force it. Try resetting and trying again. Remember to play smart and slow.

This is especially true for those that want to truly dive deep into NBA 2K22 this season. If you're interested in playing MyTeam, MyCareer, or MyWNBA it is likely that you need to decide on a plan and stick with the game. It's not a rule that you shouldn't dabble with the other modes, but all three are able to be played with a season pass with content to unlock. It's easier to finish out the pass than the previous year, but when you're spread too thinly, you might not be able to get all the rewards.

But if you're just a casual player don't worry about it. Each of the three modes has plenty to do and meandering from one game to another shouldn't be an issue unless you are looking to compete against other players.

If you're already a top quality MyTeam player, this article doesn't apply to you. You likely already have the necessary stick skills to take on online competition. For new players (or those in need of a refresh) playing offline games like Triple Threat Offline and Domination will do two, very beneficial things.

First, you're getting in practice. Naturally, the tricks that work against the CPU won't perform as well against humans, but you're improving your shot-timing and this is essential. Another important thing is that you're building an elite team of players through rewards.

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