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Description As we've mentioned, NBA 2K22 has devoted most of its efforts to fixing last year's significant mistakes. The result is a game that is familiar but unique in all the right ways. The NBA 2K series has always been a success in creating the most complete basketball simulation in courts and off. The majority of your time shooting feels satisfying, refined and most importantly, enjoyable.

The most noticeable changes of the year are the addition of animations to offence as well as defence. Models are now more fluid and are less spongy, particularly when engaging between players. The weight of contact isn't gone completely, but players are now able to smack and across each other with greater ease. In the past, I've been caught up in my opponent's limb when I crossed them over, breaking my flow in the process. Don't do it anymore. A godsend.

Offensively, the biggest changes are the stamina bar and the shot stick, both of which work together. I'm sure that many fans will be astonished to hear this news and celebrate. Visual Concepts, the developer Visual Concepts has decided to revive the shot stick. The controversial "Pro Stick" is gone. Shooting as you've always remembered it, but now players have to release the ball within a predetermined timeframe to the top of the yard.

Your stamina bar will immediately be a reflection of the size of your release window. Messing around too much on the top of the key will result in a loss of stamina so make sure to pick your actions and move according to your best chances. This window can also widen and shrink based on the shot you choose to shoot and your shooter.

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