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Description This achievement is something that both he as Karen are proud of. In his lifetime, Kaczrowski has been surprised by his in-tune perception. He could feel the baby struggling to breathe as he held his nephew, a premature child. He expressed his concern over and over. Kaczrowski acknowledged that he was also quite annoyed by it. The baby was blue that evening and was admitted to the hospital.

Because of his keen senses, Karen does what she can to ensure that things are quiet for her husband at home. He is able to hear things that the majority of people cannot. For example the hum of a computer in the basement while he is upstairs. Special headphones have been utilized to lower the volume of high-pitched sound that has allowed him to over many of his problems at home.

Kaczrowski said, "My wife understands a lot and is very careful about sound effects." "I can see her chewing, swallowing as well as walking about," Karen said. The talented pianist shares his love of music with others by performing in the Alexandria Jaycees Jingle Bells concert for the past three years, and also playing piano at Knute Nelson, Nelson Gables, Alexandria. Kaczrowski does what he can to help others understand Asperger's by providing guidance at Camp Courage North near Bemidji, a camp for youth with Asperger's.

He has also given talks at conferences for teachers to help educators understand how to better deal with students with autism or Aspergers. Kaczrowski said that it is crucial to limit the individual's input. "They suffer from a lack of expression. They can't speak to you about how they feel because they're also processing. What are they doing to express it?"

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