Machine Last Update: Apr 28, 2021
Name For those who play with offline
Status New
Type Bending machines
Price unknown
Description For those who play with offline only there ought to be a market for them to purchase cards directly in the market using MT. These cards would be ONLY. Cards may be used for both, but offline is offline. For instance, Throwback Moments drops with GO Greg Oden and GO Gerald Wallace and D Wesley Johnson. I am able to buy offline unsellable variations of this opals for 5k and the diamond for 1,500k. I can not sell them back for those costs, because then I'd have the ability to break even and use the reclaimed MT to shop for other cards on auction I can use in both online/offline. They are there for good if I buy them. Like Reward cards. They also wouldn't count to Collector Level.

It is basically for collectors and historians. Online players do not wanna utilize Xavier McDaniel in July anyway, so nobody pulls on the packs and he also becomes rare enough to cost himself from an offline player's budget. This manner offline players may play who they need. All right. I think that's it. I think I covered everything, but if I did not, please don't hesitate to add anything at the comments. Hopefully any dev or 2K employee reads this at a certain point and takes some of the points and integrates into a future iteration.

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