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Name This calendar year, other than the 3 in launch
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Type Boring
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Description This calendar year, other than the 3 in launch, every subsequent update posted diminished players (other than Tim Duncan). The last update took forever and was the greatest loser with 7 new opals, none of whom were All-Stars other than Gilbert Arenas, who many folks already had at no cost and weren't wasting 750 tokens to get a minor update (i.e. his shooter is the same and he's good for is his shooter )

They threw tokens at us much more this season and gave us a whole lot less for them. This past year, guaranteed GOAT for 1,750, this season 33% bet to get a sheet of a GOAT (Rashard for KAJ) for 1,000. This could be even more of a letdown when the token rewards weren't so bad it made the bet enticing. Once a week there are two multiplayer challenges. Other than that is MTU. Because of this"all or nothing" design of 12-0, the drama was anything but casual, with players with every devious tactic to win NBA 2K21, culminating in the infamous lineup glitch that finally shut down MTU for weeks until 2K stepped in and prohibited individuals.

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