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Name It would be really tough to apply the spoilers rules
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Description A number of the common occurrences posts are a problem, that's if they're just that, common. I do appreciate milestone posts, but I could be bothersome to see 5 of the same I just got a blue increased or I simply got 5 stars posts. It is a hard call because those are extremely important minutes & genuinely fun to share. However, I feel the landmarks should stay because overall, it's an enjoyable way to bond as a community, celebrating together.

It would be really tough to apply the spoilers rules. Even with out hacking, a person in say, New Zealand, might have the newest update nearly a full day before I get it in the west coast. They can post a picture that's untrue and not a spoiler for them but it might ruin a surprise for me personally due to the time gap. Everyone knows people time traveling in AC & it's a long haul match, so the risk of being subjected to spoilers is large. This risk & responsibility should be on the individual browsing, not the responsibility of the poster. That being said, I really do think a spoiler flair of some kind would be fine, only to have the option, since it is upsetting to be spoiled on something, and we're just looking for fun here. I have a feeling people would have used to the flair eventually and much more people would start using it!

No problem with the memorial articles here. If it seems to sad for me that day I just keep scrolling.

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