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Name I think summoning could work
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Type Bending rolls
Price unknown
Description Okay that is the way I think summoning could work. DO NOT FLAME ME FOR THIS! Ok, Summoning will be leveled up by you purchasing an item ( thinking of something) that allows you to capture certain monsters ( NOT MEN WOMAN etc.. I mean like small npcs ect.) Some thigns like women guys, dragons and such would not work though because pf size, being a real thing human, you understand. You could capture certain things like racoons, such say lvl 12 summoning? Plus the items ( still working on it) would be different for different things also.

Like (fine ill call it a sumoners tab, though not what it will be called) a summoners tab, and you would need different ones for different animals. And when you click on the tab ( like when you click on fishing ect., it reveals everything you can fishexactly the same concept) it goes into various categories, like:

NPc tab for npcs such as capability to capture a replica of it like the puppy in varrok, and turn it in to something such as a BULLDOG! Plus, heres something that could work also. You would also be able to use them in battle to help. Some things would help in various ways though. . Heres a list I believe could do the job. Bites your oppnenent causing the amount of harm they simply caused you in the last hit. There will not be a different sizes for this proposal except if they are unique animals such as a difference from a squirrel and a bird since they fly. Well? Dont flame me . . Happens alote with me personally.

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